21. June 2011 - 8:29


21. June 2011 - 8:29

The year 1962:
Petrol Ljubljana was divided into 16 economic units, which in terms of territorial distribution remained the backbone of the company’s organisational structure. These units encompassed eleven storage facilities with their pertaining service stations, the Ljubljana business unit, the Ljubljana workshop, Maribor refinery and the company’s management. In March 1962 the management of Petrol Ljubljana was relocated from its Ljubljana head office at 5 Cankarjeva Road, where it was based for ten years, to the company’s proprietary building at 2 Vošnjakova Road.

Petrol historyThe year 1963:
On 18 March 1963 Petrol set up its Koper business unit, which after a few years of operation had 39 employees. In January 1964 Petrol opened its Brnik airport petrol station.

The year 1965:
In 1965 Petrol Ljubljana had as many as 970 employees and 68 service stations, which sold a total of 345,000 tonnes of oil derivatives (2.2 times more than in 1960). On 5 November 1968, along with the arrival of the first tanker for the transport of oil derivatives, Petrol launched its business unit “Instalacija Srmin – Koper”.

The year 1969:
In 1969 Petrol's service stations were included in the international system of cashless fuel supply (DKV) for trucks and buses in Europe. Soon after that, the service stations attracted the interest of other large systems, such as Euroshell and UTA.