21. June 2011 - 8:39


21. June 2011 - 8:39

We have had a good year, but greater responsibility lies ahead.

The Petrol Group is the largest Slovene energy group and the second largest Slovene group in terms of revenue. The year 2007 was another year that saw organic development of business, above-average growth in share value, and further strategic expansion in the region. In short, no reason not to improve even more.

The leading position on the domestic market, convincing growth through integration, reliable energy supply and implementation of environmentally friendly solutions – all that was achieved despite unstable global conditions. Nevertheless, oil trading activity remains Petrol’s main line of business, and its role of strategic energy supplier is being successfully expanded. Today, Petrol is a regional partner providing comprehensive energy supply on the road and at home. Reliability, well-planned organic growth, unconditional respect for the environment and strategic presence that relies on a growing network of almost four hundred service stations in four countries – these are the foundations of our operations and success. Excellence is also a combination of openness, flexibility and innovations. This is why the year 2007 brought about further cooperation and successful investments in all business pillars, which already show their profitability. The pillars also include energy and environment activities, such as efficient energy consumption projects for companies, local communities and public institutions.

In 2007 the Petrol Group generated net sales revenues of EUR 2.1 billion, an increase of 9% over the previous year. Operating profit amounted to EUR 50.5 million, up 7% from the previous year.  Net profit amounted to EUR 53.3 million, up 7% from 2006.

The Petrol Group sold 2.1 million tonnes of oil products in 2007, exceeding by 4% the level of sales achieved in 2006. Revenues from sales of supplementary and other merchandise amounted to EUR 263 million, 22% more than in 2006. At the end of 2007 Petrol operated 380 service stations, of which 307 in Slovenia, 36 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 32 in Croatia, 3 in Serbia and 2 in Kosovo.