18. October 2012 - 13:33

Eltec Petrol d.o.o.

18. October 2012 - 13:33


General Manager: Jože Torkar

E-mail: joze.torkar@eltec-petrol.si

Ownership interest of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana: 100% (a 25.1-percent interest acquired on 22 October 2014)

By acquiring the company El-Tec Mulej d.o.o., Bled, the Petrol Group expanded its operations in the field of energy and environmental solutions delivery. In October 2014, Petrol d.d., Ljubljana acquired the remaining interest in Eltec Petrol d.o.o., thus becoming its sole owner. Eltec Petrol d.o.o. and its subsidiaries* market top-quality products and comprehensive system solutions in the areas of district energy, lighting efficiency, water distribution systems and energy management in buildings. The company operates in Slovenia, Austria, Italy and SE Europe markets.

In 2014 the Eltec Petrol Group generated EUR 17.4 million in net sales revenue. Its net profit for 2014 totalled EUR 469.9 thousand. The net profit attributable to Petrol d.d., Ljubljana amounted to EUR 544.2 thousand.

The group’s equity totalled EUR 4.9 million as at 31 December 2014.

* Subisidiaries are: Eltec Petrol Hrvatska d.o.o. and Eltec Petrol d.o.o. Belgrade.

The text is taken from the contents of the Annual Report 2014.

* Eltec Petrol d.o.o. merged with Petrol d.d., Ljubljana on 4th May, 2015.