18. October 2012 - 13:35

Geoenergo d.o.o.

18. October 2012 - 13:35


General Managers: Borut Bizjak, Miha Valentinčič

E-mail: miha.valentincic@petrol.si

Ownership interest of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana: 50%

The company holds concession rights for the extraction of mineral resources, crude oil, natural gas and gas condensate in the area of the Mura depression.

In 2017 it produced 482 tons of oil and gas condensate and 90.8 thousand MWh of natural gas. It has a long-term contract with the company Ascent Slovenia Limited on joint operations aimed at developing oil and gas fields Dolina and Petišovci near Lendava. Two new boreholes that were successfully developed in 2011 will begin trial operation as soon as suitable processing and transport infrastructure is in place to carry natural gas to the transmission network or when there is a new customer near the site or when a connection will be established to another gas enrichment plant which will be able to accept additional gas that will be made available.

The company’s net profit for 2017 stood at EUR 149.8 thousand, with the net profit attributable to the Petrol Group amounting to EUR 74.9 thousand.

The company’s equity totalled EUR 480.0 thousand as at 31 December 2017.


The text is taken from the contents of the Annual Report 2017.