11. March 2013 - 12:26

IG Investicijski inženiring d.o.o.

11. March 2013 - 12:26


General Manager: Barbara Jama Živalič since 24 December 2012, Robert Golob until 23 December 2012

E-mail: barbara.jama@petrol.si

Ownership interest of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana: 100%

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana acquired the company IG Investicijski inženiring, proizvodnja električne energije, d.o.o. on 21 December 2012. IG Investicijski inženiring has a 51-percent holding in the company Intrade − energija d.o.o.

The company ended the year 2012 with a net profit of EUR 46 thousand.

Its equity totalled EUR -1.7 million as at 31 December 2012.


The text is taken from the contents of the Annual Report 2012.

* In accordance with the Contract on Merger by Acquisition of 14th February 2013, on the basis of which the company IG Investicijski inženiring, d.o.o. was merged (by acquisition) with the parent company Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, IG Investicijski inženiring, d.o.o. was deleted from the Register of Companies on 29th May 2013.