Petrol d.o.o.


Member of the Management Board: Boris Antolovič

Supervisory Board: Miha Kirn (President), Uroš Mesojedec, Marinko Dizdar


Ownership interest of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana: 100%


The company is engaged in the sale of oil derivatives, petroleum products and other merchandise in Croatia.

In 2016 Petrol d.o.o. sold 616.3 thousand tons of oil derivatives, down 3 percent from 2015. Revenue from the sale of oil and petroleum products totalled EUR 489.0 million, with revenue from the sale of merchandise amounting to EUR 44.1 million, revenue from energy operations to EUR 24.3 million and revenue from the sale ofservices to EUR 2.6 million. In total, the company generated EUR 560.0 million in net sales revenue, down 11 percent on the previous year. Its 2016 operating profit totalled EUR 16.5 million or 23 percent more than in 2015, with its net profit for 2016 totalling EUR 11.7 million, up 27 percent on the previous year.

Petrol d.o.o. operated 105 service stations at the end of 2016.

On 3 July 2016, the company Eltec Petrol Hrvatska d.o.o. was merged into Petrol d.o.o.

The company’s equity totalled EUR 109.9 million as at 31 December 2016.


The text is taken from the contents of the Annual Report 2016