20. June 2011 - 9:09

Petrol Energetika d.o.o.

20. June 2011 - 9:09


General Manager: Mojca Kert (until 1 December 2017), Janez Grošelj (since 2 December 2017)

E-mail: janez.groselj@petrol.si

Ownership interest of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana: 99.3844% until 14 December 2017 and 100% since 15 December 2017

Website: www.petrol-energetika.si

Petrol Energetika, d.o.o. is part of the Petrol Group and as such offers comprehensive energy solutions for industry, commercial zones and geographically integrated local communities. It develops new business models and encourages industrial customers to become providers of new services in order to create new synergies and enable the business to grow. A recognised track record, expertise and reputation in the integration of various roles, ranging from the role of supplier, operator of the electricity and natural gas balance group, operator of integrated distribution systems, producer of energy in decentralised plants relying on local sources to operator of energy infrastructure, are the basis of successful operations. Being a competence centre for the development, dissemination and implementation of comprehensive energy solutions for industry, commercial zones and geographically integrated local communities, the roles and goals of Petrol Energetika, d.o.o. revolve around maintaining and developing the status of:

  • A partner in the development of the circular economy and links between industry and local communities while carrying out the public utility service of a distribution system operator for natural gas, heat, water and electricity (limited to closed distribution systems in the latter case);
  • An energy integrator in developing the range of sustainable and competitive energy solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers, such as innovative procurement, smart grids, management of energy facilities and customer demand;
  • A producer of energy in decentralised plants, taking into consideration the transition to a low-carbon society and use of local energy sources which is linked to increasing the level of self-sufficiency of a region, commercial zone or industry;
  • A go-between for interests in the development of smart towns, factories and grids.

At the end of 2017, the company operated 6 natural gas distribution concessions, 1 chimney sweeping concession, 3 heat distribution concessions and 21 energy systems for the heating of buildings. In 2017 Petrol Energetika, d.o.o. sold 831.6 thousand MWh of electricity, of which 44.3 thousand MWh were generated by the company itself, and distributed 353.5 thousand MWh of electricity. The company sold and distributed 960.2 thousand MWh and 716.7 thousand MWh of natural gas, respectively. As regards heat operations, it sold 61.3 thousand MWh of heat in the period concerned. In 2017 it generated EUR 76.7 million in net sales revenue and a net profit of EUR 3.9 million, with the net profit attributable to the Petrol Group totalling EUR 3.9 million.

The company’s equity totalled EUR 44.9 million as at 31 December 2017.


The text is taken from the contents of the Annual Report 2017.