18. October 2012 - 15:43

Chemical products

18. October 2012 - 15:43

In the field of chemistry, Petrol is mainly focused on the area of industrial chemicals, i.e. chemicals that represent intermediate materials for chemical manufacturing or act as auxiliary material in industrial processes.

We believe that with the consolidation of our purchasing, with our storage and decanting capacities, as well as with knowledge based on the daily monitoring of price flows and the dependable flow of goods on the global chemical market, we can act as an important stability factor on the Slovenian chemicals market.

Petrol is aware of the importance of chemistry in our lives. Approximately 85% of the world chemistry market is based on oil and natural gas as raw materials. Therefore, chemistry is fundamental to Petrol’s activities, regardless of the fact that its scope cannot be compared to the scope of fuel sales. After all, chemical needs consume only about 6% of pumped oil.

Paraffins and vaselines

Petrol’s paraffin and vaseline programme includes paraffin waxes, pharmaceutical or food-grade paraffin oils (white oils) and high-quality vaselines suitable for cosmetic use.

Solvents and diluents

Solvents are volatile fluids that have the characteristic of dissolving gases, fluids or solid material, whereby the solute and solvent compositions remain unchanged.


Plastics denotes a group of organic materials whose common characteristic is that they are composed of long-chain "macromolecules". They are produced by polymerisation (binding) of smaller molecules into longer chains of the polymer.