18. October 2012 - 15:45

Products for industry

18. October 2012 - 15:45

Bitumen coal

Bitumen is used in construction (road building) and in the manufacturing of insulation materials.

It is divided into the following categories depending on use:

  • road bitumen (conventional and polymer modified bitumen)
  • road and industrial bitumen
  • industrial bitumen

Road bitumen is used in road construction as a binding agent for stone aggregates in the production of asphalt or as a raw material for the production of bitumen emulsions.

Industrial bitumen is used in the manufacturing of insulation materials used in construction.

Some types of bitumen, which are classified as road and industrial bitumen, are used in all of the above-mentioned cases.


Petrol has been working together with the Chevron Petroleum Corporation for several years in the field of automotive lubricants. The beginnings of this cooperation go back to 1994, when Petrol selected Texaco as their partner for the manufacturing of products under their own trademark. The initial cooperation in Petrol motor oils was soon expanded to other products in the automotive range.

Thus Petrol sold original the ChevronTexaco products Havoline motor oils for personal vehicles, Ursa oils for commercial vehicles, Geartex gear oils, Textran tractor oils and Havoline cooling fluids under its own trademarks, Petrol motor oil, GL gear oils, AGROTRAK tractor oils and ANTIFRIZ cooling fluids.

Texaco is a leading petroleum corporation which for years has been introducing so-called “energy-conserving” motor oils – oils that save petrol. In modern times, when environmental protection is not just a matter of prestige but also a matter of regulations and laws, such oils make a major contribution to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and thus to reducing CO2 emissions.

Every year, Petrol expands its range of state-of-the-art products. In addition to a wide range of products sold under Petrol’s brand name, Petrol also sells well-known brands such as Castrol, Valvoline, Shell and other world manufacturers.

Industrial lubricants

The sales range of industrial lubricants includes circulation, turbine and hydraulic oils and other oils for industry. Petrol’s sales range also includes unalloyed and low-alloy oils, fluids for mechanical and heat treatment of metals, greases, assembling pastes, specialised lubricants, oils and protective materials.

Petrol guarantees the quality level of its supply of the entire Slovene market with industrial lubricants from the following manufacturers: Olma, Castrol, Mobil, Kluber, Texaco, Ina and other major lubricant manufacturers, whereby it consistently follows legal regulations and environmental standards.

Lubricants and the environment

At Petrol, Environment is spelled with a capital “E”. The process of operating an engine or machine consumes lubricants, which have to be disposed of.

Petrol provides for the removal and disposal of waste oil or lubricants, waste grease and coolants, oily rags, used oil and air filters and other waste which is produced during the use of lubricants, free of charge for all customers.