Advertising media

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Advertising at service stations

Owing to their numbers and relatively widespread distribution, Petrol service stations rank among the most frequently visited locations in Slovenia. In the most recent traffic volume count it was established that one service station is visited by approximately 1,000 customers per day. This is one of the reasons that they have become one of the most popular media for advertising services and products in the last few years.

We offer companies the opportunity to advertise on mini giants, Rolltecks and petrol pump handles.

Advertising on mini giants

Mini giants are free-standing two-sided panels, dimensions 2040 x 1440 mm, which stand in the green areas at larger Petrol service stations.

Advertising on pump handles

Petrol pump handles are highly interesting communication tools for advertisers, since the person pumping the petrol practically can’t miss them. There is approximately 8 x 10 cm of advertising space on pump handles. The advertisement is covered with a plastic cover which protects it from weather and other damage.

Advertising on Rolltecks

Roto-panels or Rolltecks are rotating, lit advertising displays. They are one-sided, dimensions 70 x 100 cm, and are lit with neon light. They are available in free-standing and wall-mounted versions.