18. October 2012 - 15:50


18. October 2012 - 15:50

MeasurementsFlow measurements

When pumping fluids, the question constantly arises of the accuracy of the measuring device being used, especially in cases of payment for the amount pumped. Measurement devices must indicate precise amounts.

Tyre pressure gauges

Vehicle safety depends to a great extent on properly inflated tyres. We use manometers to measure tyre pressure. Slovene legislation precisely defines how these devices must be inspected and who may perform the inspections.

Testing of fuel tanks

According to law, all owners of storage tanks for flammable or dangerous substances must have them tested for leaks and the appertaining equipment inspected.

Measurements of work areas and equipment

Pursuant to Slovene legislation, all legal entities in Slovenia must have their work equipment inspected in order to prevent workplace injuries.

Inspections of pressure vessels

Owners of pressure vessels which according to the Rules on the examination and testing of pressure equipment are considered as having a high level or low level of danger must obtain a certificate of vessel soundness and carry out regular inspections for all such vessels.