BS Zagorje ob Savi

Cesta zmage 26, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi
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Širina: 46.12885400

Dolžina: 14.99714600


  • Q Max 95 Filling stations with 95-octane gasoline. 
  • Q Max Diesel Filling stations with diesel. 
  • Q Max 100 Filling stations with 100-octane gasoline.
  • Petromat Filling spot with a non-cash payment machine - fill your tank, pay and drive off.


  • Tea to go hot tea to go available in various flavours
  • Coffee to go Machine with six reasonably priced beverages (coffee, cocoa, tea).


  • Acceptance of foreign cash Goods and services can be paid for with foreign currencies.
  • Fax Sending and receiving faxes.
  • ATM 24h cash withdrawal from the ATM.
  • Public telephone booth Public telephone card booth. The card can be purchased in the sales area.
  • Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi  wireless internet access.
  • Gas in cylinders Sales of gas in cylinders for household purposes.
  • Non-cash terminal sports lotteries Non-cash terminal for sports betting and lottery - avoid the cashier
  • Heating oil Filling stations with heating oil - use containers prescribed by law.


  • Disabled restroom Disabled restroom with adapted access.