18. October 2012 - 13:41

District heating

18. October 2012 - 13:41

Ready to reduce heating costs?
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eligible to connect to the district heating system.

Our customers are supplied with heat energy and the preparation of domestic hot-water.

Main advantages of district heating systems:

  • Lower energy supply costs. Heating costs are laid out in the price system and confirmed by the concession contract.
  • When our future customers of heat energy are connected to district heating, they do not have to invest into the renovation of outdated heating appliances and the district network.
  • Easy connection to the district heating system for our customers.
  • Heating flat station costs are not borne by the user.
  • Heat collection is guaranteed at the facility’s threshold and is measured via the heat gauge that has been installed on the heating flat station.
  • The heating flat station guarantees independence from other customers and the possibility for adjustment to the facility’s heating needs.
  • Such systems contribute to environmental friendliness.
  • Additional benefits (lower electricity prices) are offered with the connection.
  • Petrol d.d. guarantees high-quality heating.


Heat energy supply from the district heating system is an optional local public utility service. These types of public utility services are granted to legal entities by municipalities. Legal entities must comply with several complex conditions pursuant to the law and tender and submit the most favourable tender.