18. October 2012 - 13:43

Bottled gas

18. October 2012 - 13:43

Plindom's gas cylinders are available at
228 Petrol service stations.

Bottled gas or liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders for households can be obtained at the majority of Petrol service stations.

Bottled gas (a mixture of butane and propane) can be used by smaller customers in households for cooking, heating water and spaces and in gas-operated leisure-time appliances (grills etc.).

Individual households are permitted to store at most three cylinders of up to 10 kg, and one cylinder whose capacity does not exceed 5 kg. The cylinders may not be stored in cellars, sleeping quarters or other areas which are below nearby areas, even when they are empty.

Find nearest gas station with bottled gas.

Cylinders are portable pressure vessels and are available in various materials and sizes (5, 10 and 35 kg). Petrol’s gas suppliers ensure that the cylinders are regularly tested and technically sound.