18. October 2012 - 13:36

About heating oil

18. October 2012 - 13:36

Extra light heating oil (ELHO)
is simple to use, easy to store
and energy-efficient.
It is one of the cleanest,
most reliable and economical
sources of energy.

It is suitable for use in households, as well as for larger customers (schools, companies). The quality of ELHO in Slovenia is determined by the SIST 1011 standard.  This standard prescribes  the limit  values which still ensure normal operation.

Every single prescribed parameter is checked regularly at our petroleum laboratory. The laboratory ensures a high level of accuracy and unbiased results, and therefore we can guarantee our customers exceptionally high-quality heating oil upon every delivery.

Petrol’s high-quality services:

  • simple and fast ordering of heating oil using the toll-free number 080 22 66 or via the internet
  • accurate and reliable deliveries and professional, highly qualified and friendly staff
  • precise deliveries of ordered quantities of fuel (all tank lorries are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment)
  • a clear and accurate invoice of purchases, easy payment

We also offer a range of other benefits:

  • option of changing orders upon delivery
  • numerous and favourable payment methods


Petrol has the most experience and the longest tradition in heating oil sales in Slovenia!