12. October 2012 - 12:42

Petrol mobile application

12. October 2012 - 12:42

Track your fuel consumption
or find the nearest service station
with Petrol mobile application.

Track your fuel consumption (connected with poraba.com), check slovenian gas prices, find the shortest way to the nearest currently open Petrol service station and more … 

Gas prices push notification

Be the first to know the new gas prices (for Slovenia). Petrol will try to make sure application users get the price change information even before it’s published elsewhere. Notifications can be turned off in settings.

Track your car expenses 

If you know your fuel consumption statistics you can learn to drive in a way your fuel consumption lowers. You can seemingly sync data with Poraba.com, a web community where more than 10.000 slovenian users track, share and compare their data.

Consumption statistics

Ever wondered what is the average consumption of Renault Megane, Diesel 1,5, year 2008 to 2010? With Petrol app you can now get information like: “This car average is 5.6 L. Consumption has been calculated from 218 entries from 15 cars”. You can do this for any car, engine, year or horse power and can really help you when buying a new or old car.

Find the nearest gas station

Application uses Google Maps, GPS and live Petrol data to help you with your trip in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. Enable GPS location tracking and application will shows you path, distance and travel time from your current location to the nearest gas station.

Service locator

Locate the nearest station offering LPG, cash Machine (ATM), Marche restaurant, convenient Store (Hip-Hop), car wash service, bakery or anything else you might desire.