19. January 2015 - 13:55

Our locations on GPS navigation device

19. January 2015 - 13:55

We have prepared packages with locations
so you can easily find nearby
Petrol gas stations on the road.

You can download POI map collection
on your GPS device.

We have prepared maps for GPS navigation devices like Garmin, Becker or Mio. Just follow these simple and short instructions.

You can choose universal CSV version if you have other GPS device. Follow manufacturer instructions and download it on your navigation device.


POI map collection

All gas stations

 Garmin (.gpx)
 Mio (.kml)
 Becker (.asc)
› Other (.csv)

Gas stations with LPG

 Garmin (.gpx)
 Mio (.kml)
 Becker (.asc)
› Other (.csv)

Gas stations with LPG and Wi-Fi

 Garmin (.gpx)
 Mio (.kml)
 Becker (.asc)
› Other (.csv)

How can I download .gpx file on Garmin?

  1. Create a new folder on your computer (right click on the mouse: New › Folder) name it (for example GPX folder or Petrol GS). 
  2. Download one or more files on your computer, save it in your presaved folder. 
  3. Go to manufacturers web site and download program POI Loader (› garmin.com) click on buttom 'Download' (only for Windows users). Install program on your computer.  
  4. Connect Garmin device with computer through USB cabel. Open POI Loader programe than choose 'Next'. 
  5. In 'Save Options' choose 'Garmin device' and click 'Next'. 
  6. Click on 'Find Device' and wait for a programe to detect connected GPS device. Choose 'Next', and 'Install new custom POI's onto your device' then 'Next'. 
  7. Click on buttom 'Browse' find the map where you can save your downloaded file with map.
  8. Choose 'Next' and then 'Finish'. 
  9. Turn on the navigation device.
  10. You can find downloaded files if you click on Where to? › Extras › Custom POIs and choose GPX file. 

How can I install .kml file on Mio?

  1. Download one or more files on your computer from upper table with files. . 
  2. Create new folder on memory card of navigation device. Name it'POI'. 
  3. Copy files on memory card in a new folder . 
  4. Turn on the navigation device

How can I install .asc file on Becker navigation device?

  1. Download and install app POI-Warner (› navigating.de). 
  2. Download one or more files from upper table on your computer. Save it in folder \POIWarner\pois
  3. Open POI-Warner app. Choose POI-Manager › POI-Settings › Overlay Settings for activation saved POI files. 
  4. On navigation device open program. Then click on green square in menu choose 'Search in radius'. 
  5. Choose 'As next destination'. 
  6. Turn on the navigation device.