17. October 2012 - 13:35

On the road

17. October 2012 - 13:35

Always with you on the way…

Petrol manages the largest network of service stations in Slovenia, including over 300 modern service stations located at important motorway connections and out-of-the-way places throughout Slovenia.  Petrol also has 18 of its own service stations in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the Petrol network includes 31 service stations. Petrol is constantly improving and modernising its points of sale and adapting to the various needs and wishes of its customers with an expanded range of services.

A broad range of goods and services for convenient purchase

In addition to modern and quality engine fuels, Petrol service stations offer a broad range of automotive goods, and a wide selection of food and other products, giving customers a more pleasant driving experience while providing a place for purchasing household needs when other stores are already closed. At service stations, Petrol’s personnel fulfil the wishes and needs of its many visitors, both local and foreign, who can also visit Petrol's coffee bars and restaurants, perform minor repairs in workshops and wash their vehicles in car washes. Petrol’s service stations are always with you on the way: a place to rest and refresh.

At Petrol’s service stations, besides cash purchases, it is possible to pay with all major local and international payment cards, and of course, Petrol’s payment card, which also brings additional benefits. All larger service stations are also normally equipped with bank ATM’s.


For me

  Hip Shop convenient stores
Petrol Hip Shop stores are the most practical “convenience stores” for quick and urgent purchases.
  Roadside food-service establishments
Where? Check the map.
  Coffee to go
Do you enjoy a good cup of coffee? You can indulge in one on the road at any Petrol gas station.
Where? Check the map.
  Photos on-the-go
The memories of beautiful events remain with you. May they become simply eternal. All from the comfort of your home and collection at one of 135 Petrol Hip Shop service stations.
Tickets for various events can be purchased at Petrol gas stations.
  Additional services
Moneta – payment with your cell phone
Settle your payment orders at Petrol gas stations
Lottery and sports bets

For my vehicle

  Petrol fuels
Maximum performance, greater protection of the engine, greater cleanliness, lower consumption of fuel, a longer lifespan of the engine and the exhaust system.
Petrol Q Max 95
Petrol Q Max 100
Petrol Q Max diesel
Petrol Q Max LPG
Gas prices
  Car wash
Try out the soft brushes that will make your car shine again.
Check the map
Are you on your way to Austria or Hungary? Not only Slovenian, but also Austrian and Hungarian vignettes are available at Petrol gas stations.
  Tip Stop quick service stations
Tip Stop quick service stations are designed to provide routine maintenance for commercial and personal vehicles, tyre service, and replacement of oil and other car fluids, light bulbs, filters and windshield wipers.
  Petrol products
The products which bear the Petrol trademark are the result of six decades of careful monitoring of the development of the car industry, constant innovation and development of specialised knowledge, modernisation of technology and cooperation with established world manufacturers.