18. October 2012 - 13:13

Car wash

18. October 2012 - 13:13

Try out the soft brushes
that will make your car shine again.

Wash it on the way, in state-of-the-art equipped and well maintained car washes.

Many gas stations are also equipped with vacuum cleaners. You can also clean the chassis of your car.

Since recently, passenger vans of up to 2.50 m in height can also be washed at the Jesenice III, Lendava and Tržič II gas stations.

Petrol car washes have been renovated in cooperation with Christ AG Wash Systems, which currently manufactures the leading car wash system technology.

Petrol car washes thus have:

  • OptiFlex: Pneumatically steered, diagonally set cylinder brushes optimally clean the vehicle's side faces
  • OptiAir: A hot-air-blow-off rotating nozzle allows for optimal drying of the engine bonnet, the roof, the windshield and rear window as well as the lid of the boot and the bumpers.
  • Variability: Complete side blow nozzles of up to 1500 mm in height also allow for excellent drying for MPVs and other cars with a higher body shell.
  • User-friendly: The car wash portal can also be accessed from the back.
  • OptiChem: Dosing pumps with automatic nozzle and frequency setting. Media collector with filling control economy: The devices’ innovative technology allows for smaller consumption of water, electricity and chemicals.