1. December 2015 - 12:25

Electrical Mobility at Petrol

1. December 2015 - 12:25

Electrical mobility is the new approach
of environmentally-friendly mobility.
We follow the latest achievements
in this field and help define
the basis of development for progress
in research of low-carbon energy products.

At Petrol we are aware that long-term progress is possible only with continued protection of the environment and investments into the most environmentally-suitable solutions. In accordance with our commitment to sustainable development, we assume the key role in the adoption of mass electrical mobility in Slovenia.

We began developing our network of electric vehicle charging stations as early as 2012. Our network includes 11 charging stations with 23 charging spots, and by the end 2015 we also took over the management of 26 public quick charging stations on the motorway network of Slovenia, within the framework of a European project. We offers our user a smart charging network that allows a higher quality of service and at the same time the possibility of remote support, as they can access information on all Petrol and other charging stations through the portal polni.si. Our company has played an important role in development of a national hosting system on the aforementioned portal, which allows access to over 100 charging stations throughout Slovenia.

We participate in the CEGC project

One of our goals is also the development of a network of quick electric vehicle charging stations. Within the Green Corridors of Slovenia project, which is a part of the Central European Green Corridors project (CEGC), Petrol took over the management of 26 quick charging stations on the Slovenian motorway network. Within the CEGC project, 115 modern quick charging stations were built in Central European countries (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia), which are providing interoperability and an international hosting system.