1. December 2015 - 13:42

Prepaid Electromobility Card

1. December 2015 - 13:42

The Prepaid Electromobility Card is intended for all users that wish to charge their electric vehicles at 26 public quick charging stations for electric vehicles, constructed within the project Green Corridors of Slovenia.

The price for a Prepaid Electromobility Card is €10. This amount is already included on the Card and can be used right away. The charging service is charged according to the current price list. Once the Prepaid Electrical Mobility Card is used up, you can refill it at any time for any amount at Petrol service stations. Charging your electric vehicle is not possible with a used up Card.

Read General rules for the Card

Advantages of a Prepaid Electromobility Card:

• you can start using the Card right away
• without a monthly subscription fee
• option of refilling
• effective control of expenses
• anonymity
• allows charging at 26 quick charging stations constructed within the project Green Corridors of Slovenia


Instructions for use for a Prepaid Electromobility Card

After you purchase the Card at a service station, you can simply drive your vehicle to a charging stations and begin the charging process. To start or stop charging, simply place your Card over the marked spot on the charging stations and follow the on-screen instructions.

Price list for electric vehicle charging stations


From June 20 2016 till further notice, one charging with a prepaid card costs €10*

*One charging means: authorisation with a prepaid card at a charging station, start of charging and more than 0,5 kW of transferred energy.


Where can I buy a Prepaid Electromobility Card?

The Prepaid Electromobility Card can be purchased at Petrol and OMV service stations with electric vehicle charging stations. You can refill your Prepaid Electromobility Card at any time for any amount at Petrol service stations. If you have any additional questions, call us as at 
01 471 46 66.

On which stations can I use a Prepaid Electromobility Card?

A Prepaid Electromobility Card can be used only on following quick charging stations:

  • Petrol service station Tepanje West (motorway Maribor-Celje)
  • Petrol service station Tepanje East (motorway Celje-Maribor)
  • Petrol service station Lukovica South (motorway Ljubljana-Maribor)
  • Petrol service station Voklo West (motorway Kranj-Ljubljana)
  • Petrol service station Voklo East (motorway Ljubljana-Kranj)
  • Petrol service station Grabonoš North (motorway Lendava-Maribor)
  • Petrol service station Lom West (motorway Ljubljana-Koper)
  • Petrol service station Lom East (motorway Koper-Ljubljana)
  • Petrol service station Šempas South (motorway Nova Gorica-Ljubljana)
  • Petrol service station Starine North (motorway Krško-Novo mesto)
  • Petrol service station Starine South (motorway Novo mesto-Krško)
  • Petrol service station Ravne (motorway Ljubljana-Koper-Ljubljana)
  • Petrol service station Grič, Čatež (motorway Ljubljana-Krško-Ljubljana)
  • Petrol service station Barje North (motorway Novo mesto-Koper)
  • OMV service station Radovljica South (motorway Karavanke-Ljubljana)
  • OMV service station Radovljica North (motorway Ljubljana-Karavanke)
  • OMV service station Grabonoš South (motorway Maribor-Lendava)
  • OMV service station Dobrenje West (motorway Šentilj-Maribor)
  • OMV service station Ravbarkomanda West (motorway Ljubljana-Koper)
  • OMV service station Ravbarkomanda East (motorway Koper-Ljubljana)
  • OMV service station Šempas North (motorway Ljubljana-Nova Gorica)
  • OMW service station Lukovica North (motorway Maribor-Ljubljana)
  • OMV service station Lopata South (motorway Ljubljana-Maribor)
  • OMV service station Dravsko polje North (motorway Ptuj-Maribor)
  • OMV service station Dravsko polje South (motorway Maribor-Ptuj)