18. October 2012 - 13:20

Petrol products

18. October 2012 - 13:20

Products bearing the name Petrol are a result
of careful development of the automotive
industry for six decades.

The products which bear the Petrol trademark are the result of six decades of careful monitoring of the development of the car industry, constant innovation and development of specialised knowledge, modernisation of technology and cooperation with established world manufacturers. Petrol car care and maintenance products conform to the latest specifications of car manufacturers, strict environmental standards and the highest quality standards.
Petrol has been working together with the ChevronTexaco Petroleum Corporation for several years in the field of automotive lubricants.

The Petrol family of products

Motor oils

Motor oils that bear the Petrol name are the result of six decades of careful monitoring of the automotive industry's development, continuous innovations, the development of specific knowledge and the modernisation of the technologies of the global oil producer Texaco. 

  • Motor oils for personal vehicles
    Petrol Energy 5W-30, Petrol Top Sint 5W-40, Petrol Garant 10W-40, Petrol Garant Diesel 10W-40, Petrol Avant 15W-40, Petrol Avant 20W-50, Petrol 505.01 5W-40
  • Motor oils for heavy diesel vehicles
    Petrol Diesel Energy 5W-30, Petrol Turbo Diesel Super 10W-40, Petrol Turbo Diesel 15W-40, Petrol Diesel 15W-40, PETROL Diesel 20W-50, Petrol Diesel 30 and Diesel 40, Petrol Turbo Diesel Ultra 10W-40
  • Motor oils for two-stroke engines
    Petrol 2-T Mix, Petrol 2-T Sint, Petrol 2-T SCOOTER

Gear oils

Petrol GL-MULTI SAE 75W-90, Petrol GL-5, Petrol GL-4, Petrol ATF matic DX III

Green series for agriculture




Car care products

Vitrex -38 °C, Letni Vitrex, Vitrex - koncentrat, Auto shampoo with water sheeting effect

Fuel additives

ADITIV Diesel Plus, ADITIV Bencin Plus, ADITIV Winter Protect, ADITIV Winter Protect K, VENTIL PLUS, ADITIV Tesnilec Plus

Car batteries

  • We are the authorised distributer of Varta car batteries for Slovenia.
  • Varta car batteries achieve maximum performance on account of all of their properties. The innovative calcium-silver alloy guarantees a 20% longer lifespan, great resistance during short journeys and improved rust-resistance. A high starting power guarantees start at the lowest temperatures as well. Reduced self-discharge allows for up to 18-month storage.
  • Varta is the largest car battery manufacturer in Europe, where it is also the leading manufacturer of first-installation car batteries. It constitutes a symbol of leading, globally confirmed German quality. Varta car batteries are the key element of new vehicles of the Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes – Benz, Chrysler, Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Citroen, Peugeot, Man, Scania and other automotive brands. Varta provides appropriate models for almost all types of passenger cars and transport vehicles.
  • The following car batteries are available:

VARTA PROmotive SHD, VARTA Ultra dynamic, VARTA Silver dynamic, VARTA Blue dynamic, VARTA Black dynamic

Trico wipers

Wipers are extremely important for a safe journey. The best ones can be purchased only at Petrol gas stations!

Petrol is the main distributer of Trico wipers for Slovenia. The name Trico is synonymous for windscreen wipers. Out of 280 new car models at the Geneva Car Show, more than half (144) of them were equipped with Trico wipers!

At Trico, the industrial production of modern wiper systems was already well underway in 1917 when the first cars were equipped with windscreen wipers. Trico windscreen wipers thus significantly contributed to road safety and opened the way for a sequence of vehicle design innovations and improvements. Trico, which is probably the leading manufacturer of wiper blades, supplies the global automotive industry with more than 80 million wipers per year.