18. October 2012 - 12:53

Additional services

18. October 2012 - 12:53

Using our service stations to pay your bills
will save you both time and money.

Moneta – payment with your cell phone

Instead of paying with cash or by payment cards, use your cell phone. Your payment is settled during the following month.

Who can pay with Moneta?

Moneta is available to Mobitel, Debitel and Si.mobil users as well as clients of Nova KBM and Poštna banka Slovenije who are also users of one of the above-mentioned mobile phone operators.


Settle your payment orders at Petrol gas stations

Save time and money by settling your payment orders at Petrol gas stations.

They can be settled at all Petrol gas stations. 

The same commission is charged as at Poštna Banka Slovenije. When settling Petrol payment orders at our gas stations, you are only charged half the commission according to Poštna Banka Slovenije's price list.

Payment orders can only be settled in cash. The maximum allowed amount is EUR 999.99.

The following payment forms are accepted:

  • special payment orders
  • BN 02 payment orders
  • universal payment orders

Lottery and sports bets

Who knows when luck’s coming your way – perhaps Petrol will bring you some!

Lottery tickets can be purchased at all Petrol gas stations, and you can also try your luck by making sports bets. A completed lottery ticket can also serve as a gift that can bring happiness to someone else as well.