Smart district heating networks

We offer the comprehensive district heating solution DISSy (Digital Intelligent Smart Systems) to our business partners, which enables the establishment of a sustainable business model and the development of a district heating system as part of the smart city infrastructure.

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With the development of new technologies, the growing number of connected devices and the needs of residents in urban centres for accessible and clean heating, the trend for the development of digital and smart district heating networks is significantly increasing.

At Petrol, we have been proving for many years that we know how to contribute to the smart and intelligent development of district heating systems, as we provide expert services in more than 40 district heating systems (15.5 GW of optimized heat output in total). 

Through optimal solutions, we manage the entire process of the district heating system - the production, distribution and consumption of heat - or its individual parts in order to achieve the best possible short, medium or long term results for the operator in terms of the price of the produced heat, the environmental burden and uniform control over the operation of the system.


Development trends in district heating networks

The European Commission published the long-awaited “Clean Energy For All Europeans” package and guideline, better known as the “Winter Package”, and provided guidelines for the further transition to a cleaner and more affordable energy systems, which comply with the Paris Agreement on carbon footprint reduction.

Trends and guidelines dictate a series of measures for existing and new district heating systems that will contribute to a cleaner environment and an effective supply, which today is almost impossible to achieve without digitalization.

With the help of independent experts and renowned research and academic institutions, the possibility of realizing the Winter Package was well researched in the field of heating urban centres, building heating and district heating.

We contribute to the comprehensive and sustainable development of district heating systems

DISSys are comprehensive solutions for existing and new district heating systems that are primarily based on the definition of harmonized measures in the field of investment optimization (CapEX) and cost optimization (OpEX), while taking into account all the important system requirements at the national legislative level, as well as EU legislation and international standards.

At Petrol, we know how to find optimal solutions in the phases of system design, construction and management.

We support you in developing sustainable and smart infrastructure in urban centres

DISSy services include the transition of systems to smart productions – DISPro, smart distribution – DISNet and smart consumption – DISCo, where we take into account and analyse all aspects of the operation of the district heating system.

We use the most advanced technologies, including systems for capturing and processing business data or Tango, business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI).

With the help of DISSy services, we create solutions that allow us to manage and optimize the system’s future operation, wherein we take into account its different characteristics:

  • Ownership structure - concession, city, country or private company ownership system and public utility service.
  • Method of business - production and distribution, only production or only distribution, only supply or consumption, etc.
  • System sources and operation settings - production sources, distribution network, heat transfer.