Technical information system Tango

Tango is a comprehensive system for control, management and analytics, designed to overcome all current operational needs of cities, infrastructure operators, industry, building owners and smart home owners.

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Tango is an open aggregation platform that addresses the challenges of modern business and enables digital transformation regardless of the activity or size of the user. It is aimed at building smart and pragmatic work processes, smart decision making, and creating new added value.

  • Reduced response time and accurate and trustworthy decision-making, based on quick, accurate and trustworthy data.
  • Real-time control and improvements of operating efficiency.
  • Reduced power consumption and costs.
  • Increased asset utilisation and reduced downtime due to failure.
  • More efficient predictive maintenance and improved quality management.
  • Automation and improved efficiency of work processes and decision-making process.
  • Production optimisation using various scenarios.


Digital transformation with Petrol

Since 2015, the number of devices connected to the Internet has grown by over 285%, and is expected to reach 40 billion by 2020. While this subject is most often associated with so-called smart homes, those that use the largest number of IoT devices are predominantly business users and public services – commerce, agriculture, industry, smart grids, infrastructure systems, smart cities.

Internet of Things – a combination of devices and software systems connected via the Internet, which generates, receives and analyses data – aims at overcoming the limitations of traditional ecosystems of electronic information to improve the quality of life, create added value, and reduce costs.

Petrol has taken the initiative for digital transformation, and transitioned from the ELTEC Energy Watch energy management system to state-of-the-art technologies combined in the Tango platform. This allow simple data gathering, high data accessibility in real time, and easier understanding of system operations for more pragmatic decision-making.

Technical information system TANGO

Smart cities

With the help of Tango, cities and regions can control and manage their key infrastructure, from heating and cooling system to water distribution system, public lighting system, public building operation, power generation sources, electric charging infrastructure, gas distribution network and traffic, and monitor environmental parameters such as air quality.

Because smart cities already use management software, Tango allows integration in vertical database systems.

Business users

Industry and large business users can easily aggregate and utilise information on their production sources, device operation, operation of infrastructure and facilities, such as heating systems, lighting, waste water treatment and comfort parameters on their premises.

They can manage and forecast use of source raw materials or energy products – power, steam, gas, industrial gas, compressed air – and controls costs and take advantage of procurement optimisation effects.

Smart home

Tango helps in development of smart-home applications, as it is an exceptionally open platform that allows collection and manipulation of operating information of all smart-home devices – from sensors to energy product meters, operation of solar collectors and other smart devices.

End users can easily control the operation of their smart home, reducing current and forecasting future costs.