Petrol and Danfoss Trata make the final for best business practice of the year 2019

In its Best of the Best programme, AmCham Slovenia identifies and rewards the best business practices at AmCham Slovenia member companies. On Thursday 12 September 2019, exceptional individuals and teams whose creativity and energy bring together the entire business community were presented in the Networking category. This year’s winner in the Networking category was Petrol with Danfoss Trata.

For the last five years, AmCham Slovenia has identified, presented and rewarded the best business practices in its Best of the Best programme. Exceptional projects and best Slovenian business practices introduce new knowledge, approaches, products, processes and business models in an innovative way.

On Thursday 12 September 2019, the following were presented in the Networking category: Competo: Competo HR hackathon and the “Future of work” community; Petrol and Danfoss Trata: “Slovenia, connected through energy: Showroom of global trends”; Lek, member of the Sandoz Group: “Science for Lek”. As voted by the audience, the Best Practice Academy committee and the active listener, who this time was Iztok Renčelj from Pošta Slovenije, the winner in the Networking category, thereby qualifying for the finals for Best Business Practice of the Year 2019, went to the companies Petrol and Danfoss Trata with their “Slovenia, connected through energy: Showroom of global trends” project. The award was accepted on behalf of Petrol by Amer Karabegović.

Petrol and Danfoss Trata: Slovenia, connected through energy: Showroom of global trends

The vision of a carbon-neutral society is achievable through coordinated operation. Petrol and Danfoss Trata prove that the power of cooperation exceeds that of the individual. By confirming that professional networking to search for energy-efficient solutions is feasible for our planet, the two companies are setting an example to the whole of society. Their link-up pursues three objectives: a) the DHC+ international summer school on district energy for educating established professionals and talents/future creators of new technologies; b) to provide information on smart solutions in district energy, and thereby on emission reductions, thus having an influence on the public and society; c) bringing together the district energy profession, which is engaged in creating energy-efficient solutions, at the international level. In 2018 over 40 energy professionals (from students and teachers to employees) from ten European countries took part in the international summer school in Slovenia, helping to develop innovative technological solutions in this area together.

Best of the best_Petrol and Danfoss Trata

Best of the best_Petrol and Danfoss Trata_winner

Best of the best_Petrol and Danfoss Trata_team

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