Petrol Opened its 15th Service Station in Montenegro, with the First Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles in the Country

On Thursday, 27 February, Petrol Crna Gora MNE d.o.o., which is a part of the Petrol Group, ambitiously and successfully stepped into 2020 with the opening of a new service station in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. This is the 15th service station in Montenegro and the fourth in Podgorica. At the opening, the President of the Management Board of Petrol, Nada Drobne Popvić, Msc, said that the Group is successfully realising its mission regarding service stations on the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia and that she is especially pleased that people have accepted the service stations as their own.

The mayor of the Municipality of Podgorica, Ivan Vuković, PhD, congratulated Petrol for their successful realisation of the new project on behalf of the capital: “Our city is immensely proud of the fact that a company such as Petrol, which is not only the regional leader in the field of selling petroleum products but also in the fields of innovative business models and the transition to a sustainable green energy operation, recognised Podgorica as a partner for not only this but also other projects. Thanks to this investment, there are now 15 new jobs in Podgorica as well as a park that was designed/created in the context of the Mikro 020 project. Petrol enabled us to realise this project.  More importantly, we now also have the first fast charging station for electric vehicles, which aligns perfectly with our efforts to promote new and modern technologies to improve the quality of life in Podgorica.” Vuković also added that Petrol can always count on the Montenegrin capital as a reliable partner for any further investment projects, and at the same time also expressed his hopes that the opening of the 15th service station will only provide an additional impetus for future cooperation. Another part of the new service station is a green park, which is one of the micro locations in Podgorica that will be transformed into green surfaces in the context of the Mikro 020 project.  

At the opening, the General Manager of Petrol Crna Gora MNE d.o.o., Jaka Hrastnik, emphasised that the main key advantage of Petrol, in addition to its quality offer, is the company’s responsibility towards its customers: ”The interest of our loyal customers is what led to the first service station in Montenegro that boasts a fast charging station for electric vehicles. Through it, Petrol realises its deeper calling and the promise to improve the quality of life and to continuously strive towards technological progress.”

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