Slovenian Blood Donor Day and the 10th anniversary of the “Give Energy for Life” initiative

“Give Energy for Life”, the successful blood donation initiative on the importance of donating blood, is taking place this year for the tenth time. Under the slogan “A Big Family of Kind People” (“Velika družina srčnih ljudi”), the initiative publicly spreads the message of noble values, such as humanity, solidarity, and empathy, and draws attention to the great importance of blood donation for the smooth functioning of health care.

This is a very special year, as the three partners – the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia, the Slovenian Red Cross, and Petrol – are celebrating their tenth successive year of cooperation. This year’s communication will run under the slogan “A Big Family of Kind People”, which aims to inspire and to deliver the message that all blood donors are one big family of kind people who save lives in the real world.

Established at Petrol’s proposal ten years ago, the pan-Slovenian blood donation initiative, “Give Energy for Life”, uses modern means of communication, in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia and the Slovenian Red Cross, to successfully raise awareness about the significance of blood donation, and about the great importance of both regular and new blood donors and their availability to respond to needs and blood supplies, thereby contributing to the expansion of the blood donor base.

The aims of the “Give Energy for Life” joint initiative include raising public awareness about the significance of blood donation, blood donor acquisition and retention, ensuring safe blood with responsible and aware blood donors, and their active role in regulating blood supplies. By showing the combined blood supply levels of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia at and, Slovenia has reached the next level in organising blood donors and inviting them according to actual needs. Continuous monitoring of blood supplies and consumption, and immediate action by everyone involved in the supply of blood, ensures the responsible, careful, and rational management of blood.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, they were making sure the health care sector had an uninterrupted supply of blood for urgent and unavoidable treatments, proving that coordinated communication with blood donors and the public is the right approach to take.  

Ten years ago, the need arose for the blood donation field to communicate with the public, and especially with everyone who can donate blood, in a more consistent and strategic manner. The goal of the targeted communication was, and remains, having a stable base of active blood donors in Slovenia, and that blood donors respond and donate blood regularly, which is vital for treatments. The carefully planned, long-term, two-way communication has proved successful, as demonstrated by the figures presented below.

Numerous people helped to design and carry out the communication campaigns over the years, including celebrities from the world of music, art, culture, sports, blood donors and recipients with their stories, bikers, rescue workers, patients, doctors and medical staff, scouts, various professional groups, volunteers, etc.

The project partners use effective modern communication channels that allow two-way communication with blood donors (social networks, mobile apps, the website, text messages), and their rapid response in specific situations.

On the anniversary of this joint initiative and Blood Donor Day, the partners would like to thank the FAMILY OF KIND PEOPLE, WHO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR LIFE TO GO ON ... The number of active blood donors in Slovenia is proof that solidarity and helping others is important and valued.

What the project partner representatives had to say about the “Give Energy for Life” project:

Polonca Mali, dr. med., spec. transf. med., from the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia, noted that the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the socially responsible “Give Energy for Life” campaign is adapted to the time of the COVID-19 epidemic. “Despite the limitations on life and the changed functioning of the health care system, patients needed blood from blood donors during the epidemic for urgent and unavoidable treatments. In order to prevent the spread of infection, and to introduce protective measures, it was necessary to adapt how blood collection is organised and performed. Blood donors complied with the changes, measures, and needs of the transfusion service, and came to donate blood despite the unknowns and risks. With this, they exceeded all our expectations, and proved that they are actively involved in regulating blood supply levels and the supply of blood itself. Their kindness and conviction to help and donate have made it possible for life to go on. The cooperation, the trust, and the responsibility of blood donors are undoubtedly also achievements of the 10 years of successful Give Energy for Life awareness campaigns on the importance of blood donation.”

Vesna Mikuž, President of the Slovenian Red Cross: “For the tenth time in a row, the Give Energy for Life campaign this year proves that the finding we have been hearing every day for the past few weeks still holds true: Together we can! Or Together we will be able! With this in mind, we combined the energy of the Slovenian Red Cross, the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia, and Petrol, nine years ago. Our intention was to raise public awareness about the importance of blood donation, and to encourage people to become regular blood donors. From one year to the next, we were handing out good energy among people. We were, and continue to be, supported in this by celebrities from the world of art, culture, sports, medicine, and politics ... On my own behalf and on behalf of the Slovenian Red Cross, I would like to express our gratitude to our partners, supporters, and especially all the heroes who donate heartily, and have become a true league of donors over the years.”

Nada Drobne Popovič, Chairwoman of the Management Board of Petrol: “In a time of deep crisis and turmoil, it is much more important for companies to maintain our socially responsible role, and to support projects with a wider significance for society as a whole. Blood donation, which is voluntary in Slovenia, symbolises the greatest civilisational values – solidarity, and helping fellow man. I am glad that many Petrol employees are blood donors who regularly respond to the calls of our project partners: The Slovenian Red Cross and the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia. Our excellent and long-term cooperation therefore ensures that the big family of kind people keeps growing, and that every year more young people decide to become blood donors. And to all of them, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation.”

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