Invitation to Apply for Nomination for the Position of a Supervisory Board Member of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana

The terms of office of all six Supervisory Board members, shareholder representatives, will expire in 2021.

The Committee for Human Resources and Evaluation of Board Performance (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”), as a regular committee within the Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana, has authority to carry out the procedure and nominate candidates for members of the Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana. The Supervisory Board will examine the Committee’s proposal, carry out activities within its areas of competence and propose candidates for appointment by the General Meeting.

Following appointment at the General Meeting, the four-year terms of office of five Supervisory Board members will begin on 11 April 2021, with the four-year term of office of one Supervisory Board member beginning on 17 July 2021.

The Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana invites all interested candidates to submit their applications. The candidates must meet the conditions laid out in the attached Criteria for Determining the Profiles of New Supervisory Board Members, and other conditions defined in ZGD-1 (Company Act) and the Slovene Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies. The application with all mandatory attachments listed below must be received at the email address: not later than by noon on Monday, 2 November 2020.

The Committee will interview the shortlisted candidates in the period from 2 November 2020.

The following forms in PDF format, duly completed and signed, must be enclosed with the candidate’s application:

Europass (accessible on the Internet), Statement of awareness of personal data processing in the process of selecting members of the Supervisory Board of Petrol, d.d., Ljubljana, Statement of the candidate’s positions at the time of applying for nomination, Statement pursuant to Article 255 of ZGD-1 without certification, Statement of independence of the Supervisory Board Member, Statement of the candidate’s readiness to participate in internal procedures for assessing suitability, which major shareholders may have, together with evidence of education and qualifications in PDF format.


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mag. Barbara Jama Živalič

Head of Investor Relations