Energy renovation of the Technical School Centre Maribor

The education sector faced numerous challenges over the past year, as educational facilities have been mostly empty. But these circumstances have proven to be beneficial for some educational institutions. One of them was the Technical School Centre Maribor, which entered into a private-public partnership with Petrol recently for the energy renovation of buildings, in the context of which it will renovate two of its buildings. The renovation project will be implemented in 2021 and will enable the Technical School Centre Maribor to save 547,333 kWh of heat and electricity annually, which corresponds to the consumption of about 34 households.  

Petrol is aware that energy consumption must be reduced in the first place, which can be achieved through projects for improving energy efficiency and efficient energy management. Projects that have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption include those for energy renovations of buildings. "We are pleased to participate in projects of renovating buildings, intended for education, as we are aware that by reducing the carbon footprint, we are improving conditions for education of youth," said Tilen Smolnikar, Head of the Energy-Saving Renovation Product Group for Buildings at Petrol. 

Energy renovation of public buildings intended for education represent an important building block for improving conditions for the education of youth. Petrol is committed to sustainable development; therefore, energy-saving renovation projects are of extreme importance for Petrol. The company is pleased to sign a new partnership agreement to implement the energy renovation of the Technical School Centre Maribor’s buildings. Two buildings will receive a complete energy renovation. The project will include the renovation of the building envelope as well as the renovation of windows and doors. Thermal insulation will be installed on the roofs or attics, heating sources will be renovated, heat pumps will be installed on both buildings as well as thermostatic valves and interior lighting will also be renovated.  

By participating in such projects, they can surely achieve even more. The effects of energy renovations know no borders and impact everyone. In addition to financial savings of more than €100,000 or guaranteed annual savings of heat and electricity of more than 500,000 kWh, the environmental aspect of reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 280 tons per year is also very important, as it is equal to the quantity that is annually absorbed by 13,400 average trees. 

Energy-saving renovations were implemented in accordance with the energy contracting model, and the contract period is 18 years. Petrol will provide management and maintenance of the newly installed or renovated energy devices and systems during this period. The project was prepared and implemented in line with the provisions of the Energy-Saving Renovation of Public Buildings Programme of the Ministry for Infrastructure and includes cohesion funds from the 2014-2020 financial perspective. 

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