Fuel prices
Valid on 15.4.2014. Prices are in EUR/L
  • Q Max 1001,504
  • Q Max 951,477
  • Q Max diesel1,366
  • Heating oil1,003
  • Q Max LPG0,769
Valid on 15.4.2014. Prices are in HRK/L
  • Q Max 9510,550
  • Q Max diesel9,820
  • Heating oil6,520
  • Q Max LPG4,920
Price may vary upon a location of a petrol station.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Valid on 9.4.2014. Prices are in BAM/L
  • Q Max 1002,500
  • Q Max 952,350
  • Q Max diesel2,400
  • Heating oil2,150
  • Q Max LPG1,150
Valid on 14.4.2014. Prices are in RSD/L
  • Q Max 95151,90
  • Q Max diesel154,90
  • Heating oil149,90
  • Q Max LPG86,90
Valid on . Prices are in EUR/L
    Valid on 15.4.2014. Prices are in EUR/L
    • Q Max 1001,400
    • Q Max 951,350
    • Q Max diesel1,270
    • Heating oil1,230
    • Q Max LPG0,700
    Slovenia Croatia Bosnia Serbia Montenegro Kosovo
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