18. October 2012 - 13:44

For business

18. October 2012 - 13:44

Petrol, Slovenia's leading energy company, is the principal strategic supplier of oil and other energy products to the Slovenian market. 

The Petrol Group's principal area of development is the introduction of new lines in the energy sector, including marketing of gas, heat and electricity, the management of major environmental projects, and, in the long term, marketing of renewable energy resources.

Petrol's wholesale network has highly professionally qualified and product-oriented sales representatives, and supply systems enable a high level of adaptability and reliable and regular supply to our business customers. 


  Products for businesses
Petrol supplies a wide range of tyres, energy and chemical products and products for industry.
Energy products
Chemical products
Products for industry
  Advertising media
Owing to their numbers and relatively widespread distribution, Petrol service stations rank among the most frequently visited locations in Slovenia.
  Business payment cards
The Petrol business cards are intended for companies and other legal entities for covering expenses for company vehicles and road cargo transport.
  Environmental services
Treatment of waste water and supply of drinking water to local communities. Planning solutions for waste management. Rehabilitation of environmental problems.These are the areas where we are collaborating, contributing, developing and fulfilling a common vision of responsibility to the environment.
  Technical services
Petrol offers a range of technical services, from construction of service stations, laboratory services and a range of various measurements, to maintenance of energy facilities, service stations and storage facilities for petroleum products.
  Energy services
The company’s basic mission is full-service energy supply and the ensuring of its efficient use, supported through the financing of all necessary investments.
  Laboratory Services
Laboratory Petrol is the Central Slovene oil laboratory. It fulfils its essential tasks by ensuring comprehensive and reliable testing services, which are fit for purposes and meet the customer requirements.