Mobility services

By developing new transport options, we help local communities and companies in the transition to cost-effective and sustainable mobility. Road traffic, which generates as much as a quarter of all greenhouse gases in Europe, is one of the key challenges that modern society faces.

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Sustainable mobility

The transition to modern forms of mobility has never been simpler.

We have prepared a range of solutions, which will help you lower the costs of your vehicle fleet, reduce pollution and allow you to enjoy the benefits of modern mobility, as well as the newest vehicles on the market.

Our qualified staff will take care of your existing vehicle fleet so that you can dedicate more time to your business. We also keep your employees and customers in mind. Thanks to the advanced systems of the EV charging stations, which are becoming a part of modern companies’ standard infrastructure, more potential clients will stop at your location, which will in turn increase the company’s revenue, while you will also simplify your employees’ transition to e-mobility.


Comprehensive solutions for mobility

Why choose Petrol?

Because with us you don’t have to worry about a thing

We provide the carefree use of electric vehicles, as you can charge them at your location or by using our network of public EV charging stations. It includes more than 300 charging stations and is the largest in the country.

Because all services are offered in one place

We offer everything: from your own production and supply of electricity to charging EV vehicles at your location or on the go, Vehicle-as-a-Service, the management and maintenance of your vehicle fleet and the short-term lease of other vehicles in line with your mobility needs.

Because we are top experts

We are your leading partner when it comes to modern, sustainable mobility. Our top expertise allowed us to be one of the first to establish a modern EV charging infrastructure and offer E-Vehicle-as-a-Service.

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