Smart cities and communities

Petrol implements comprehensive projects to improve the energy-efficiency of cities, local communities and the public sector. We ensure efficient energy use, greater integration of renewable energy sources and the efficient management of infrastructure systems.

Energy efficient cities are the smart cities of the future

Ensure efficient energy use in your urban community to generate savings and reduce your carbon footprint. We help you by optimizing infrastructure systems and activities to improve the energy-efficiency of buildings, district heating, lighting and the urban water cycle. By developing new transport options, we help you in the transition to cost-effective and sustainable mobility. 

Comprehensive energy solutions include the production, distribution and supply of cost-effective energy, as well as the reuse of waste materials as sources of new energy.

Our solution for the challenges of modern business is the advanced IIoT Tango platform, which we use for managing our systems and combining diverse know-how and experience from our various projects to achieve convincing results. 


The energy renovation and management of buildings

We help you achieve a more efficient and environmentally friendly energy profile for your buildings. Our solutions ensure the optimal use of energy and water in all types of buildings, while meeting the relevant user standards. We find the optimal investment solution for energy renovation that suits you best and take care of the whole energy renovation process, which saves you time and money. 

Implemented measures are constantly monitored and our advanced software tools for the comprehensive management of energy and water consumption in buildings enable you to systematically address the energy-efficiency of the building.


Efficient public lighting

Public lighting can consume a lot of energy in cities and local communities, while also causing light pollution. We are replacing old energy-wasting lights with modern LED luminaires, which only direct light where needed. The colour spectrum of such light is also closer to natural, while energy consumption is reduced by up to 80%.

Through this comprehensive approach, we improve the quality of maintenance, general and traffic safety, as well as the service life of public lighting. At the same time, we reduce energy, maintenance and operational costs, and most importantly, reduce light pollution. 


District Heating

District heating by Petrol – both concessions and heat supply – is the right solution for all partners who simply want to connect to a system, reduce energy supply costs and act in an environmentally friendly way.

At Petrol, we help to ensure stable heat supply through common boiler rooms, district heating systems and the cogeneration of heat and power. In so doing, we reduce the cost of energy supply, improve air quality and ensure thermal comfort, while pursuing the goal of transitioning to a low-carbon society and introducing sustainable infrastructure.

The optimization of district heating systems

In the field of district heating and cooling, we offer you a comprehensive solution for optimizing district heating systems - DISSy (Digital Intelligent Smart Systems) - which generates significant savings and the development of a district heating system as part of the smart city infrastructure.

By utilizing optimal solutions, we manage the entire district heating process: heat generation, distribution and consumption or only a part of the process, as well as ensure significant savings and a more efficient service. On your behalf, we optimise measurable data using near-real-time advanced analytics and provide reliable information in one place.


The sustainable management of water resources 

At Petrol, we strive to ensure the quality of water resources in cities, as well as diligent and efficient water management. By providing the comprehensive “Digital Intelligent Smart Networks – Water Systems” (DISNet - WS) services, we offer full support in improving the efficiency of the water supply system, help identify water losses and advise on measures to reduce these. This provides operators with greater reliability, improves their efficiency and reduces risks.

We operate water supply systems and provide our partners with the sustainable and efficient development of drinking water supply services, the modernization of services and infrastructure, and quality drinking water supply at the lowest and still manageable operating costs.


Wastewater treatment and treatment plant management

Ensuring a safe and reliable water supply is one of the key challenges of the 21st  century; therefore, the quality of water resources is of the utmost importance. For you, we build and operate treatment plants for the treatment of industrial waste water and municipal waste water, as well as manage concessions for performing the public utility service of treating municipal wastewater.

We enable cities, the industry and regions to modernize and optimise the operation of sewage treatment plants while also optimising investments and operating costs.

Sustainable and cost-effective mobility

We help you establish a CNG filling infrastructure in cities and urban centres for the needs of individual users and public transport. Our experts offer you professional assistance in the planning and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles and in the gradual transition to electricity-driven traffic.

We provide efficient charging for all electric vehicles without interfering with your energy network. Furthermore, we offer cities the Vehicle-as-a-Service model, which is an excellent solution for everyone who wants an environmentally friendly vehicle fleet of the future without the high cost of purchasing such vehicles. The Vehicle-as-a-Service model includes the comprehensive operating lease of electric vehicles, which includes a number of additional services with which we fully take care of your vehicle fleet.

Electricity generation from renewable energy sources and energy system management

At Petrol, we want to contribute our share in realizing the binding European goals in the field of energy from renewable energy sources, which is why we are investing heavily in the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and their management throughout the region.

We help you ensure a stable supply of electricity from solar energy  by installing small solar power plants or solar panels that can be connected to small networks (i.e. mini-grids), or by building large solar power plants. 

We plan, build and operate wind turbines and large wind farms. At locations where it is possible to exploit the water potential in an economically efficient and environmentally friendly way, Petrol helps you achieve energy independence by building and operating small hydroelectric power plants


Demand side management and production of electricity

The stability of the energy system not only requires sufficient electricity production, but also the adjustment of electricity production and consumption. Ensure the reliable operation of your network and also receive financial compensation!

Ensure the reliable, stable and fast service of demand side management and production of electricity in your city or local community by connecting your systemic and home batteries to our aggregator platform. In this way, you will intelligently manage surpluses or shortages of electricity, while at the same time improve the stability of the network, postponing investments in new infrastructure. You will receive monthly compensation for participating in this “virtual power plant”, regardless of whether you have been activated in the current month.

The supply of energy products

We provide the reliable and competitive supply of all types of energy products such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, district heating, biomass and fuel oil and electricity, as well as industry-specific energy products such as cooling water, compressed air, technical gases and industrial steam. 

Petrol provides high-quality energy products adapted to specific applications, with many benefits for people and the environment. We strive to select technologies and environmentally friendly energy products that contribute to decarbonisation.

Simplest collaboration

Energy contracting

Choose a business model of collaboration with Petrol that ensures that you do not need to make any initial financial investment to start your project. Under the energy contracting model, Petrol provides the majority of the investment funds and assumes all the technical and economic risks involved in project implementation and management, as well as a guarantee that you will reduce the use of energy products.

Energy contracting helps municipalities and the public sector to renovate a significant share of their building stock without borrowing funds, and allows other clients to focus their financial resources on their core business. 

We write the future of urban environments

We established the first energy self-sufficient community in Luče

Luče, the first energy self-sufficient community in Slovenia, will be able to cover its electricity needs solely from renewable energy sources as part of the European COMPILE project. The project has great potential for the application of developed solutions across the Slovenian countryside and wider region, especially in places with a weak network.


We helped Ljubljana grow an extra 150,000 trees and to reduce emissions by as much as 3,000 tons

Within the framework of the Energy Renovation of Ljubljana (EOL-1) project, Petrol, together with the Municipality of Ljubljana and Resalta, improved the energy-efficiency of almost fifty Ljubljana buildings in 2017 and 2018, thus contributing to a cleaner and greener environment in our capital.

We have been helping to write the sustainable story of the Municipality of Kranj for 15 years

Since 2001, we have been assisting the Municipality of Kranj in the efficient use of energy and the transition to the use of renewable sources under the energy contracting model. Our commitment was to ensure 18.7% energy savings for heating by introducing simple measures in nine selected buildings in Kranj.

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