Smart district heating networks

At Petrol, we provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing your district energy systems. We enable you to implement a sustainable business model and develop a district heating system as part of your smart city infrastructure.

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We develop smart district energy systems

With the development of new technologies, the growing number of connected devices and the needs of residents in urban centres for accessible and clean heating, the trend for the development of digital and smart district heating networks is significantly increasing. 

By utilizing optimal DISSy solutions (Digital Intelligent Smart Systems), Petrol manages the entire district heating process: heat generation, distribution and consumption. We ensure significant savings and provide a more efficient service. On your behalf, we optimise measurable data using near-real-time advanced analytics and provide reliable information in one place.

In doing so, we consider and analyse all aspects of the district heating system’s operation, ensure a reliable supply, and allow you to make business decisions faster and easier. 


We help you develop sustainable and smart infrastructure in urban centres

At Petrol, we develop comprehensive technological solutions for existing and new district heating systems that are primarily based on the definition of harmonized measures in the field of investment optimization (CapEX) and cost optimization (OpEX). Comprehensive solutions also comply with all the important legislative requirements and standards at the national legislative level, as well as the EU legislation and international standards.

Heat energy generation

Comprehensive solutions in the field of heat energy generation (and electrical power in case of cogeneration – CHP) include numerous activities, from planning completely new production sources, where we prioritize the use of renewable energy, to implementing measures to optimize existing production sources.

We help district heating system operators to ensure sustainable operation while providing thermal comfort and favourable prices to end-users.

Heat energy distribution

Using DISNet services, we optimise investments and operating costs in the field of heat energy distribution, through which we contribute to the reduction of heat loss.

We offer the technical and economic optimisation of district heating system operation with the goal of realizing the partner’s environmental and economic goals. In doing so, we consider the specifics of heat energy sources, the distribution of heat energy and consumption by end-users to the maximum extent.

We assist you with the design of a new or the renovation of an existing distribution network, as well as prepare an analysis and investment proposal with an analysis of various scenarios.

Heat energy consumption

By utilizing comprehensive solutions in the field of heat energy consumption, we provide optimal solutions in the field of heat energy use, taking into account all the characteristics of the entire district heating system. 

Our partners often choose solutions such as planning and implementing the transition from a direct to an indirect heat supply system, the automation of heat exchange stations, the profiling of power consumption and heat demand, the hydraulic balancing of secondary power and investments into consumption control and energy consumption readings.

Tango for more efficient management

We use the advanced IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Tango platform for economic planning and ensuring the efficient control and management of the district heating systems. 

Together with the smart district heating systems service (DISSy), Tango establishes the unified management and control of system operations in near-real-time, which makes the management of district heating systems more efficient. 

Tango establishes a single database containing key data that enables the effective forecasting of technical variables and their optimisation through machine learning and advanced analytics. At the same time, we provide efficient support for systems with a smaller number of available staff, as well as enable customers to make business decisions fasters and easier.

Tailor-made collaboration

At Petrol, we find optimal solutions in the phases of system design, construction and management in collaboration with you. Optimal and priority measures must be determined before selecting the appropriate business model. 

We enable cities and distribution system operators to transition to the economically efficient development of district heating systems. We implement investments in technological upgrades:

  • In line with energy contracting models, as part of which we provide planning, construction and operation support with a performance guarantee.
  • Construction in combination with non-refundable and refundable funds (KfW, EBRD, EIB).
  • Through regular contractual collaboration.

We develop the future of district energy in the region

Energetika Maribor – savings with the help of advanced consumption forecasts

By implementing the advanced IIoT platform Tango together with the smart district heating systems service (“Digital Intelligent Smart Systems”, DISSy) at Elektro Maribor, we established the unified management and control of system operations in near-real-time, which made the operation of the district heating system more efficient.

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