Petrochemical products

Aware of the importance of chemical products in our everyday life, we act as one of the major suppliers of industrial chemicals, offering companies a wide range of high quality chemical products.

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Chemistry stands as one of the main activities of Petrol, even though its volume may not be comparable to the sales of energy products. This is because, even though only 6% of the world's pumped oil is transformed into chemical products, as much as 85% of the global market of chemical products remains based on oil and gas as raw materials.

In the field of chemistry we focus mainly on the field of industrial chemicals. These are chemicals that represent auxiliary raw materials for the chemical processing industry or appear as an auxiliary material in industrial processes.

Petrol acts as an important factor in the stability of the Slovenian chemicals market by combining the volume of purchase orders with our storage and transfer capacities and our know-how, which is based on our daily monitoring of price trends and interdependent trade flows on the global chemicals market.

Paraffines and vaselines
The Petrol program of paraffins and vasellins includes:
  • paraffin waxes,
  • paraffinic or white oils (pharmaceutical or nutritional quality) and
  • high quality vaselines, suitable for cosmetic use.

Solvents and thinners
Solvents are volatile liquids that have the property of dissolving gases, liquids or solids, while the chemical composition of the solute and the solvent remain unchanged.

Plastics represent the name for a group of organic materials whose common property is that they consist of long chains - macromolecules. They are obtained by polymerization (coupling) of smaller monomer molecules into longer polymer chains.

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