Petrochemical products

Aware of the importance of petrochemical products in our everyday life, we act as one of the major suppliers of industrial chemicals, offering companies a wide range of high quality petrochemical products.

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 We take care of quality and reliable supply of petrochemical products

Petrochemical products

In the field of chemistry, we focus mainly on the field of industrial chemicals. These are chemicals that represent auxiliary raw materials for the chemical processing industry or appear as an auxiliary material in industrial processes.

We provide a top-quality door-to-door service by combining the volume of purchase orders with storage and pouring capacities, as well as by leveraging our own logistics.

Petrochemical products

Comprehensive offer of petrochemical products

Petroleum ethers

  • Petroleum ethers: 60-95, 80-110 and 100-140
  • White Spirit 150-200 and dearomatised White Spirit D-40, D-60 and D-100
  • Aromatics: toluene, xylenes

Choose the quantity that best fits your needs: a 1,000-litre container, a 200-litre barrel or a 20-litre non-refundable can.


  • Polyethylene: HDPE, LDPE and MDPE for manufacturing foils, blown packaging, injection moulded products and more
  • PP: homo, copo, random copolymers for injection moulding, extrusion or blowing
  • PVC: dust with no additives for the extrusion of pipes and profiles
  • PVC: granulates
  • PET: for manufacturing plastic bottles and packaging

Choose the quantity that best fits your needs: bags on a pallet, “big bag” packaging or delivery by truck. 

Solvents and diluents

  • Alcohols: methanol, ethanol, isopropanol
  • Chlorinated solvents: chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents
  • Solvents: acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate

Choose the quantity that best fits your needs: a 1,000-litre container or a 200-litre barrel.

Paraffins and petroleum jellies

  • Paraffin wax for manufacturing candles: liquid, wax plates and granules
  • Pharmaceutical or food grade white paraffin oils
  • High-quality petroleum jellies for use in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry
  • Illuminating oil for refilling paraffin lamps and candles

Flawless service and expert assistance

We are proud of our expertise and in-depth understanding of the global petrochemical products market.

With the largest distribution network in the country and the most reliable logistics, we guarantee the shortest delivery times. Our local sales representative ensures flawless service and provides expert assistance.

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