Sustainable Petrol

Sustainability in numbers


GWh is the amount of electricity produced from renewables, such as wind, water, sun, biowaste, wood biomass in 2020


thousand of CO2 was saved in 2020 with electricity and heat generation from RES


GWh of energy was saved in cooperation with partners in 2020


thousand of CO2 is the amount by which we reduced emissions with the use of biofuels, LPG and electricity in transport in 2020


million m3 of water was saved in 2020 through the water supply system optimisation


million € is the total amount of Petrol Group’s taxes in Slovenia in 2020, accounting for roughly 8% of the Republic of Slovenia’s budget.

Through its cooperation with partners, Petrol contributes to as many as 10 United Nations sustainable goals by 2030.

UN Sustainable Goals