We are one of the largest suppliers of electricity in Slovenia. Our portfolio of small and large clients is steadily increasing thanks to reliability and competitive terms. We offer various fixed-priced products and structured portfolio management products

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Comprehensive offer beyond supply of electricity

We provide a cost-effective and reliable supply of electricity to all business clients, from small to medium and large electricity consumers.

The added value in our comprehensive offer comprises the technical solar energy system and energy storage solutions.

Electricity for all types of business

Small business clients

We offer competitive electricity prices to small business clients with a connected load of up to 41 kW, which can help you reduce operating costs and in turn increase the competitiveness of your business.

Large business clients

Our offer is based on understanding your needs, enhanced by analysing the energy product market, consulting, and price risk management. We help you control the costs of purchasing electricity, and also help you choose the most suitable type of energy product, which depends on the type of consumption and the chosen level of market risk. We will prepare for you the best energy purchase strategy, and help you find an energy product that fits your needs and specific requirements perfectly.

Large business clients and smaller manufacturers can enter the ancillary services market for the provision of reserve power needed to implement tertiary regulation.

Energy self-sufficiency

We help industry, small and large companies, the public sector, as well as local communities and industrial areas, to achieve energy self-sufficiency through the use of renewable energy sources.

With a Petrol solar power plant, you get your own source of energy for heating and cooling, for production and other electrical appliances, lighting, and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

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