Motor Oils and Liquids

The Petrol range of the latest automotive products puts ecology and quality first. For transport operators, service stations, construction companies and others requiring premium engine oils and a reliable supply for a seamless workflow.

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Top quality and ordering made easy

Find the engine oils for private and commercial vehicles, oils for transmissions and differentials, tractor oils and much more in our range of motor oils for professional users. Our quality product range keeps growing every year.

With the largest distribution network in the country and the most reliable logistics, we guarantee the shortest delivery times. A flawless service is guaranteed by our local key account manager assigned to you by Petrol.

You can also easily order engine oils online using our ePoslovanje portal for businesses. Check the stock, compare prices, track your order history and get all data and safety sheets.

The complete range of Petrol motor oils

Passenger car motor oils

Every drive is a power test for your engine oil. Choose a high-performance synthetic engine oil for modern engines with a particulate filter. With the low content of ash, phosphorus and sulphur, it increases the durability of the particulate filter even further and reduces the environmental impact. The cutting edge additive technology keeps your engine clean and provides a high performance level.

  • Premium Pro 15W-40 SE1
  • Premium Pro 20W-50 M1
  • Premium Pro 10W-40 SE1
  • Premium Pro 10W-40 SW1
  • Premium Pro 5W-40 S1
  • Premium Pro 5W-40 S2
  • Premium Pro 5W-30 S2
  • Premium Pro 5W-30 S3
  • Premium Pro 0W-20 S1

2T engine oils

An indispensable component of any two-stroke engine. Choose the two-stroke engine oil - the top combination of a premium base oil and high-quality additives. For quick, homogeneous and stable oil mixing with the fuel, low smoke, lower wear and longer engine longevity.

  • 2T Scooter
  • 2T Sint
  • 2T Top

Motor oils for commercial vehicles

For care-free mileage, even with demanding vehicles such as commercial vehicles. Reduce your maintenance costs and the fuel consumption and prolong the change intervals.

  • Ultra 20W-50 M1
  • Ultra 15W-40 M0
  • Ultra 15W-40 M1
  • Ultra 10W-40 S2
  • Ultra 5W-30 S2

Transmission and differential motor oils

The perfect choice for products of numerous globally leading automotive and transmission producers. Ensure reliability: choose a motor oil made of selected base oils and additives for coping with high pressures. This ensures excellent lubricating properties, appropriate oxidative stability, low pour point and complete protection against corrosion.

  • Regulus ATF DX III
  • Regulus Multi 75W-90
  • Regulus GL-4 80W
  • Regulus GL-4 75W-80
  • Regulus GL-5 80W-90
  • Regulus GL-5 85W-90
  • Regulus GL-5 85W-140

Engine oils from our Green program for agriculture

Do you need an engine oil for a tractor, chainsaw or a mower? Choose a solution for all challenges and needs in the agriculture industry with a constant protection level - the top engine and hydraulic oils for tractors and agricultural machinery, with outstanding engine protection against corrosion and oxidation, wear and other adverse impacts.

  • Verigol Mineral Plus
  • Verigol Bio Plus
  • Tratol
  • Agrotrak TDH

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