Motor fuels

The use of motor fuels, offered by Petrol through wholesale, improves the driving economy, increases engine operational safety, reduces maintenance costs, and lessens the environmental burden.

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With a history, spanning back more than 70 years, and a strong regional presence, Petrol is the right choice of your wholesale partner in the supply of motor fuels.

Petrol motor fuels contain special additives that ensure the optimal performance of both diesel and petrol engines, as well as their high protection over longer operating periods. The motor fuels have been developed in cooperation with the world-renowned Afton Chemical Corporation of Great Britain.

Easy online ordering

Motor fuels for your business vehicles can be easily ordered online, on the portal eBusiness for companies. Access all of Petrol's business applications in one place: check the availability of individual types of motor fuels, compare price, follow your order history, and browse all the required technical and safety data sheets.

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Local administrator and reliable delivery

Petrol boasts the largest distribution network in the country and the most reliable logistics, ensuring the shortest possible time for the delivery of the motor fuel ordered.

The fuel is delivered to your location, either to the address specified, to the location of your business or directly to the construction site. An administrator, assigned to you by Petrol, provides a personal touch and makes sure that the service goes off without a hitch.

Motor fuels

Q Max 95  

The latest generation of 95-octane motor fuel, produced in accordance with the latest technical requirements of engine manufacturers and European environmental legislation for fuel without lead or sulfur.

Q Max motor fuels have been tested with motor and field tests, with a number of improvements confirmed:

  • Cleanliness of suction valves improved more than 100%.
  • Injection nozzle time reduced by between 55 and 75%.
  • Up to 4% lower fuel consumption.
  • Up to 5% less lining in the combustion chamber.
  • Almost complete surface corrosion protection and a significant reduction in harmful exhaust compounds.

Q Max Diesel  

Q Max Diesel ensures maximum engine power at regular intervals, does not contain sulfur, and is the best choice for all types of diesel engines, both regular and the most technologically advanced.

Q Max Diesel exceeds the requirements of the European standard for diesel fuel EN 590 and does not contain sulfur. Its regular use ensures high responsiveness and maximum engine power with the lowest possible fuel consumption, and significantly reduces emissions of harmful exhaust compounds.

Q Max Diesel has been tested with motor and field tests, with a number of improvements confirmed:

  • More than twice the cleanliness of the injection nozzles.
  • 13% less unburned CH and 21% fewer solid particles in the exhaust.
  • Significantly improved surface corrosion protection.
  • Up to 2.5% lower consumption and full compatibility with biofuels.

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