Petrol Code of Conduct and values

The code of conduct provides an example to all Slovenian companies. We expect Petrol's business partners to respect similar principles and standards in our interaction.

The energy behind our actions is the code of conduct in Petrol. The Petrol Code of Conduct is a set of rules, behavioral standards and expected actions. It determines how we operate in the company, and directs us always and everywhere. The standards, written in the code, are already in force in Petrol and are already being implemented. The energy of our behavior tells us what a good practice in our society is, how we operate in our everyday working environment. The code is adapted to the time we live in. Its purpose is not to prohibit and sanction, but to propose and advise. Petrol's Code of Conduct was also confirmed by the Petrol Labor Union and the Workers' Council, which gives it even greater value and importance. The energy of our behavior serves as a tool in day-to-day behavior and helps employees avoid situations where they would break the law, cause damage to the company or otherwise damage its reputation.


We care

We act right. In Petrol we are committed to continuously upgrading our conduct in the implementation of corporate integrity. Because we care. Petrol d.d., Ljubljana is a signatory of the Slovenian Guidelines on Corporate Integrity. By signing these guidelines, it is committed to implementing a set of measures that increase the transparency of operations and ensure high ethical standards in the company. One of the commitments is also the appointment of corporate integrity proxies whose responsibility and task is to ensure the use of state-of-the-art methods and professional and ethical standards. In identifying and evaluating risks, they use different sources for collecting information and various work techniques. Particular attention is paid to the appropriateness of carrying out procedures and they fully, and in a timely manner, inform the management and supervision bodies about their findings, proposals and recommendations for elimination of risks or irregularities. At the same time they also establish a mechanism for systematic and independent supervision of the implementation, regularity and effectiveness of measures in managing risks to corporate integrity.

Petrol's authorised representatives

Nina Bizjak, Head of the Compliance Office

After graduating at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Nina Bizjak started to work for Ilirika turizem d.o.o. as a lawyer in 2006 and was later promoted to Head of the Legal and HR Office. With business consolidation in January 2009, she was also managing legal affairs at Kompas d.d. Company. In august 2009, she took on the challenge of a lawyer in Spar Slovenia, where she had been managing all employment regulation procedures by providing legal support and consulting concerning employers, data protection, work processes, internal regulations vis-à-vis labour law requirements, employment regulation procedures and disputes. In 2012, she passed the national bar exam. Between 2011 and 2018, she has simultaneously held seminars in the field of labour law at TZO, CPOEF, etc. In 2018, she became Head of the Compliance Office in Petrol. She is a member of workgroups and projects involved in establishing a corporate integrity system.

Boštjan Trstenjak Director of Corporate Supervision of Business and Investigations

He has been employed by Petrol d.d., Ljubljana since 1990. Prior to that, he was the supervisor of the business and the seller at a sales point. Over the last 6 years, from a small service within Retail, he developed a strong independent and independent OU Corporate Supervision of Business and Investigation, which covers the entire business of the Petrol Group. The main three areas covered by OU Corporate Supervision of Business and Investigations are: Business Supervision and Investigation, Supply Chain Supervision and Quality Management of Sales Points. In the period between 2010 and 2013, he held the position of Chairman of the Workers' Council of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana and was one of three representatives of the employees of the Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana. Within the Supervisory Board, he was also appointed to the Audit Committee. He is a member of various working groups and projects dealing with various risks and frauds.

Boštjan Trstenjak

Petrol is a signatory of the Slovenian Guidelines on Corporate Integrity. If you have a question about how to act right or if something bothers you in Petrol's operations, you can contact Petrol's authorised persons. If you suspect a serious infringement, you can report the irregularity to authorised persons, to an independent anonymous external line We Care or to the telephone line 080 13 95.

Report irregularities to an external independent company, Deloitte d.o.o.

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