Renewable energy sources

At Petrol, we are investing in renewable energy production, striving to increase its share in our energy mix. We are focusing on the production of solar, wind and hydroelectric energy. Through comprehensive projects that integrate renewable energy sources (RES), we are improving the energy-efficiency of cities, local communities and companies.

Our solutions for utilising renewable energy sources:

Renewable energy sources are the future

At Petrol, we want to play our part in realizing the ambitious European renewable energy goals.

We are aware that the only way to provide sustainable and environmentally acceptable energy is by ensuring greater integration of renewable energy sources and an efficient use of energy.

Renewable energy sources come from the environment and are created in constant natural processes, such as solar radiation, wind, water and geothermal flows.

At Petrol, we help you achieve a stable supply of solar electricity. We plan, build and manage wind farms. We can also help you reach energy independence by building and managing small hydropower plants, built at locations that provide water potential in an economically efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Our solutions for utilizing renewable energy sources:


Solar power plants

Due to its minimal effect on the environment, the generation of energy from sunlight is one of the fastest developing technologies that utilize renewable energy sources, with trends encouraging future growth.

By planning, constructing and managing solar power plants, Petrol helps business users, industry, households, cities and local communities establish energy self-sufficiency through the use of renewable energy.

A solar power plant can also be a part of a comprehensive energy solution. The best results are achieved through a combination of multiple energy solutions.

Wind farms

Wind farm technology is evolving rapidly, while its costs are decreasing. As a result, wind farms are becoming increasingly competitive and desirable compared to conventional energy sources.

This is why Petrol is planning, building and managing wind farms in locations where it is possible to exploit the potential of the wind in an economically efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Small hydropower plants

Water is one of the key renewable energy sources. When the turbines turn, the energy potential of the water is converted into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electricity through generators.

Most of the world's renewable electricity is generated from water energy. Contributing to this are hydropower plants in the Adriatic region, developed and operated by Petrol.


Self-sufficient energy communities

More and more local communities following modern concepts of local energy self-sufficiency are choosing solar power plants, wanting to improve the reliability of their electricity supply and reduce costs. The advantages of these concepts lie in a flexible and decentralized network with active users, energy storage solutions, enabled e-mobility, accelerated decarbonisation and energy savings.

Among them is the energy self-sufficient community Luče in Slovenia, part of the COMPILE European project. A pilot project developed in cooperation with Elektro Celje and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, it is the first community of its kind in the region that enables island operation.


Power plant management

When successfully integrating RES into the electricity system, the management of such power plants becomes essential. We manage them remotely, via the Tango platform, regardless of the model and make of the equipment.

With Tango, we establish a single database as well as provide a comprehensive overview and control over your operation in near-real time, be it one or a portfolio of power plants. Tango’s use is simple and efficient, allowing you to select the data display and key performance indicators that correspond to the specific user group.


Simplest collaboration

Business models

We develop and implement energy solutions for renewable energy power plants under various business models, which we tailor to our partners.

Creating a low carbon future, together

Wind energy is gaining momentum: New Ljubač wind farm

A new Petrol wind farm, Ljubač, was built in Croatia, the first wind farm in the Petrol Group that has been built without financial backing from funds for renewable electricity generation. There are 9 wind turbines in Ljubač, which will annually generate around 96 GWh of electricity – green sustainable power, which will cover the needs of 30,000 average households.


We created the first energy self-sufficient community in Luče

Luče is the first energy self-sufficient community in Slovenia with island operation, established as part of the European COMPILE project. The village covers its electricity needs solely from renewable energy sources. The project has great potential, as the solutions developed can be applied across the wider region, especially in places with a weakened electricity grid.

Solar power stations are being installed in industrial complexes

In the industrial area of Železarna Ravne, Slovenia, we installed two new solar power plants on the roofs of two production facilities. During the course of 20 years, the power plants will generate more than 6 million kilowatt hours of electricity from renewable energy sources. Petrol will use the energy generated for its own needs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 126 tons of CO2 per year.


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