Energy solutions for business users

Office buildings, workshops, warehouses, apartment buildings, farms, churches, tourism, sports and other facilities. Our comprehensive energy solutions for heating, cooling & ventilation, the energy renovation of buildings, efficient lighting, energy self-sufficiency and even electric vehicle fleets bring instant savings. Without any initial investment costs!

Save money and increase living comfort with comprehensive energy solutions

Choose comprehensive and sustainable energy solutions, with which you will save money and increase living comfort, as well as improve the productivity, aesthetics and value of your building.
Petrol's experts will help you design a new energy system that is economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. At Petrol, we design the optimal solution for you, whether this is partial energy self-sufficiency in connection with renewable energy sources, heating and cooling, lighting, the energy renovation of a building or even a solution for an electric vehicle fleet. We only work with established equipment manufacturers. Our tested and reliable network of partners has been carefully selected to ensure the high quality of individual products and a sustainable business policy.

We offer the option of repaying the investment in instalments for up to 5 years. An investment without any initial costs means that you immediately save the costs associated with more efficient energy use.

Gas condensing boilers with high yields

Natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas condensing boilers are one of the most efficient heating systems. They provide exceptional heat transfer and the maximum savings, in addition to simple operation. Their output ranges from a few to several hundred kilowatts and they are distinguished by a wide modulation range, which adapts the operation of the devices to the current heat demand.

  • Up to 30% reduced use of an energy product in comparison to existing systems
  • Low investment and long service life, requiring less maintenance
  • Warranty of up to 5 years
  • Great range of boiler output
  • Optional inclusion into the central control system

Heat pumps for cost-efficient heating and cooling

Heat pumps are suitable for everyone who plans to upgrade or replace traditional boilers. In addition to heating, the heat pump also provides cooling, is used for heating pool water and can also be used for utilizing waste heat in industrial and other processes.

  • Savings in comparison to classic heating and cooling methods
  • A service life of up to 20 years
  • Cascade systems, ensuring higher output, are also available
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions

The cogeneration of heat and power for cost containment

Cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) systems are individual power plants and your own source of heating water. A system with a 20 kW output is suitable for buildings that use about 20 thousand litres of extra light heating oil or cubic meters of natural gas, while systems with an output of around 50 kW are suitable for buildings that use 40 thousand litres of heating oil or cubic meters of natural gas. A building permit is not needed for their installation; however, an individual project solution is required for larger systems.

  • Own source of electricity and heat with long-term cost containment
  • Short return on investment
  • Sustainability and independence
  • Operational support provided by the Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia

A solar power plant as your own source of energy

With a Petrol solar power plant, you get your own source of energy for heating and cooling, for production and other electrical appliances, lighting, and even charging stations for electric vehicles. We provide the turn-key implementation of the project and take care of all the required documentation. You can also acquire a grant from the Eco Fund for a solar power plant.

  • Favourable repayment conditions
  • Insurance, remote control and reliable maintenance during the investment repayment period
  • Acquisition of an Eco Fund grant
  • Turn-key implementation of the project
  • An estimated service life of 30 years

User-driven LED lighting for significant savings

LED lighting, tailored to the intended use of the space, is an excellent solution for any building. In addition to higher quality and efficiency of operation, it ensures great savings of electricity, as well as improves working conditions, safety, work productivity and well-being. It is especially welcomed in large facilities, where a lot of electricity is used for lighting.

  • Up to 80% electricity savings for lighting
  • A long service life of up to 100,000 hours
  • Low maintenance costs and reduced environmental impact
  • Improved well-being of employees and users, as well as increased work productivity
  • Solutions for the efficient lighting of outdoor surfaces

Solutions for an electric vehicle fleet

Electricity is a reliable and wallet- and environmentally friendly means of powering your vehicle fleet. We can install an EV charging station anywhere outside or inside your facility, for the comfortable, safe, fast and easy charging of electric vehicles.

  • Greater flexibility
  • Own source of electricity
  • Aesthetic placement
  • Simple "plug and play" installation
  • Reliable operation in all conditions
  • Dynamically adjustable charging power from 3 to 22 kW
  • Web application for operation management and monitoring
  • The long-term business rental of electric rolling stock

We develop the future of doing business

Squashland Sports Centre: a boutique interlacing of sustainable approaches

By implementing a comprehensive custom-made energy solution, we ensured that the Squashland Centre combines the vision of sustainable approaches and boutique energy solutions: a solar power plant, water-to-water heat pump heating, designer LED lighting and charging stations for electric vehicles. Goran Miličević, the Head of the Squashland Centre: “Together, we were looking for solutions with which we are now very pleased”.

Juhart Farm: energy self-sufficiency for the modernization of farming

The modernisation of agricultural equipment requires a lot of energy. At the Juhart farm, we arranged the installation and connection of a 53 kW solar power plant for a sustainable and economical supply of energy in line with the needs of modern farming. In addition to savings in electricity costs, the investment ensured even greater energy stability in the event of a power outage.

Mega M: sustainable heating and cooling, as well as energy self-sufficiency

At the Velenje facility, we implemented an HVAC system with heat pumps connected in a cascade for heating and cooling the office building. We installed EV charging stations in the basement and a solar power plant on the roof. The latter will generate part of the electricity, which will be used for the HVAC system and for charging electric vehicles.

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