About Petrol Group

Seeing the future, even before it happens, is the quality of all that want to build it. A clear vision is the most responsible for Petrol becoming the largest Slovenian company in terms of revenue and the largest Slovenian energy company.

The main business activity of the company is trading in oil derivatives, gas and other energy products. It is a business area in which Petrol generates more than 80 percent of all sales revenue, and it also has a leading market share in the Slovenian market. At the same time, Petrol also trades with consumer goods and services, with which it generates just under 20 percent of the revenue.

The majority of Petrol's operations are currently being realized on the Slovenian market. It has an established umbrella brand and other recognizable product or service brands (e.g. Petrol klub, Fresh, Hip-Shop, Tip Stop, Petrol travel, eShop). The company is also distinguished by a strong market and financial position. The branched out and modern retail network is Petrol's absolute competitive advantage.

Petrol, Slovenska energetska družba, d.d., Ljubljana
Address: Dunajska cesta 50, 1000 Ljubljana
Reg. number: 5025796000
Tax number: SI80267432
Activity code: 47.301
Telephone: 01 47 14 232
Transaction accounts:
Nova Ljubljanska banka, d.d. LJBASI2X: SI5602923-0020267126
SKB banka, d.d. Ljubljana SKBASI2X: SI5603100-1005316539
Nova KBM, d.d. KBMASI2X: SI5604515-0000225742
UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d. BACXSI22: SI5629000-0101824249
Sberbank banka, d.d. SABRSI2X: SI5630000-0180001190

Important data for 2021

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana:
Volume sales of petroleum products (in million tonnes): 2.6
Net sales revenues (EUR billions): 3.6
Net profit (in millions of EUR): 66.5
Equity (in millions of EUR): 609.9
Number of employees (31/12-21): 3,143
Number of shareholders (31/12-21): 21,730
Number of service stations in Slovenia (31/12-21): 318
Estimated market share (by no. of service stations) in Slovenia (in %): 56
Petrol Group:
Volume sales of petroleum products (in million tonnes): 3.1
Net sales revenue (EUR billion): 5.0
Net profit (in millions of EUR): 124.5
EBITDA / adjusted gross profit (%): 43.8
Net debt to equity (in%): 0.56
Equity (in millions of EUR): 908.7
Number of employees (31/12-20): 6,237
Number of service stations: 593

Important activities

Sources with which the company generates revenue:

Sale of oil products

With our vision we also inspire others and we provide them with all the energy they need to bravely set out to a long chase for their dreams every day. Therefore, trading in petroleum products remains our core business and with it we achieve a leading market share in Slovenia.

Sale of merchandise

The ability to detect the quietest desire and to persistently satisfy the needs of customers requires a lot of perception. With well-recognized product and service brands (Petrol klub, Fresh, Hip Shop, Tip Stop, Petrol travel, eShop) covering everything from service, car wash and spare parts to food and coffee, we are your reliable travel companion on the road of life.

Gas sales

Every idea hides the opportunity for growth. We are accelerating the business vision by building and expanding the network of supply of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas, with which we heat a lot of households and companies and drive more and more personal and commercial vehicles. So that you will also grow with us.

Power supply

We like to expand the energy of our vision. That's why we offer comprehensive energy supply to households and to small and medium-sized business customers. The area of electricity found its place the portfolio of Petrol's activities in 2001, when it reasonably upgraded the existing supply of energy products, and placed Petrol among the providers of comprehensive energy supply.

Energy and environmental systems

The environment has always been a source of inspiration and responsibility. Energy and environmental systems of Petrol Group comprise the distribution of natural gas, district heating, environmental solutions, energy solutions and electricity production. In particular, we are focused on energy-efficient solutions and nature-friendly services.