Electricity is the future. Is your company or city ready for it? We provide expert help and consulting for the implementation of tailored solutions for your vehicle fleet, your employees or your clients.

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Modern and environmentally friendly mobility

If you need a car regularly or occasionally, if you go on a business trip, if you need a replacement vehicle, if your car is being serviced or if you need a specific type of vehicle - a short-term car lease for up to 30 days is an excellent option.

With the comprehensive lease of electric vehicles, your company will be ready for a sustainable future, while Petrol will take care of the vehicles.


Lease electric vehicles under the “Vehicle-as-a-Service” model and embark on a carefree path of the gradual replacement of vehicles in your vehicle fleet with environmentally-friendly electric vehicles – without high entry costs!

Short-term vehicle lease

Short-term vehicle lease is frequently the best and most cost-effective solution to meet the various mobility needs of a company. You can choose between different categories and brands of vehicles, which are classified in the vehicle fleet by their specific features.

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