Tango is a modern IT solution that resolves the challenges of modern business, regardless of your business activity or size. It transforms your data into useful information and helps you work better and make better business decisions.


Tango, powerful data insights for better business results

Tango is a modern IT solution that provides cost-effective planning and the efficient control and management of systems in smart cities, industry and for business users.
It solves the challenges of modern business through digital transformation as it constantly monitors the situation and changes in the physical system, helping you respond to the current situation with quick and smart decisions.

With the advanced IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Tango platform, we manage your systems and combine diverse know-how and experience from our various projects to achieve convincing results. 


The management of energy-efficient lighting

Reduce light pollution and save on electricity by replacing wasteful lighting. You can additionally reduce costs through the efficient management, provided by Tango. It allows you to save on maintenance and reading energy consumption in the field.

Tango establishes unified near-real-time control over the operation of public lighting, which makes management more efficient and electricity savings greater. With Tango, we establish a single database that is the basis for effective decision-making. We help operators reduce the environmental burden and maintenance and management costs.

The management of water supply infrastructure

Tango addresses the challenges of managing water distribution systems by using data intelligence. It assists the managers of public companies in managing data, which Tango, using knowledge and machine learning, converts into verifiable and credible information that mangers can rely on for effective and timely decision-making. In doing so, you can reduce water losses, improve the quality of drinking water, reduce the quantity of pumped water and energy costs, as well as decrease your response time.

The efficient management of solar power plants

We provide a simple and efficient centralized remote overview of the operation of photovoltaic panels for owners of solar or photovoltaic power plants, regardless of the model and manufacturer of the equipment. 

With Tango, we establish a single database and enable comprehensive control over the operation of everything from one to a portfolio of solar power stations in near-real-time. Tango allows you to select the data display and key performance indicators that correspond to the specific user group. Predictive analytics enable an overview of the future operation, according to the measurement of solar exposure and the weather forecast. This allows us to optimize the preventive maintenance of solar power plants, such as cleaning the PV modules.

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The management of energy-renovated buildings

Many cities are facing the challenge of energy-wasting buildings, which are often overheated or undercooled during transition periods, resulting in a huge environmental burden. At Petrol, we take care of energy renovation and ensure smart energy management with Tango. Greater energy efficiency allows you to reduce the environmental burden and costs.

In energy renovated buildings, Tango establishes a unified point of near-real-time operation control, thus enabling more efficient management and electricity savings, as well as the suitable regulation of heating curves. With Tango, we establish a single database that is the basis for effective decision-making. We help managers monitor the efficiency of the energy-renovated building and, consequently, reduce the environmental burden and maintenance and management costs.

The management of wastewater treatment plants

Cities and industrial companies face many challenges when it comes to managing the operation of wastewater treatment plants, including the increasingly strict legislation. We enable cities, industry and regions to optimise the operation of wastewater treatment plants while also optimising investments and operating costs.

With Tango, we establish a single database that is the basis for effective decision-making, as well as the unified control of operation in near-real-time. We help operators reduce the environmental burden and maintenance and management costs. Petrol provides a quick and simple overview of verified and trusted data in one place.

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Advanced analytics for district heating

A detailed understanding of production sources, the distribution network and end-users of heat is the basis for searching for synergies between fuel, heat and electricity markets. You can use collected and verified data, as well as the results of the advanced analytics, to improve business results.

Together with the smart district heating systems service (Digital Intelligent Smart Systems - DISSy), Tango establishes the unified management and control of system operations in near-real-time, which makes the management of district heating systems more efficient. Tango allows us to establish a single database containing key technical data that enable us to efficiently forecast processes in the near future and optimize them with the help of advanced analytics. This makes preparing management reports quick and simple, and making business decisions more efficient and timelier. 

Advanced analytics in industry

The IIoT Tango platform ensures efficient decision-making. Tango is based on state-of-the-art technologies that assist in collecting, verifying and processing large amounts of data and allows you to convert them to information, which is of key importance for the optimal operation of industrial processes, in time. In this way, Tango allows you to monitor all energy systems in near-real-time from one place. Tango allows you to select the data display and key performance indicators that correspond to the operation of technological processes.

Smart digital solutions enable the remote control and management of systems, which allows us to optimize your investment and operating costs, generate savings, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure appropriate working conditions for your employees.

We help partners with digital transformation

Tango as a part of Petrol’s comprehensive energy solutions

Tango already operates in more than 20 systems for district heating, efficient lighting, drinking water management, building management and more. As it is based on quick, precise and credible data, the response to the operation of the systems is quicker and decision-making is more accurate and trustworthy.


We set new business standards with advanced analytics

The organized and standardized data provided by Tango help us build predictive and optimization models in line with the industry standards. By optimizing processes and understanding the user, we maximize business results and can reduce energy use without additional infrastructure investments.

We accelerate digital transformation, regardless of size and conditions

We are successful when we convert data into information we can use to effectively control and manage processes and thus reduce costs and environmental impacts. At Petrol, we develop new business models with the help of Tango and digitalization that are resistant to changing conditions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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