Industrial lubricants

Petrol ensures a quality provision of industrial lubricants. We facilitate the transition from simple purchase, use and removal of lubricants to a comprehensive service, by thoroughly complying with legal requirements and environmental regulations.

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We take care of quality and reliable supply of industrial lubricants

With our selection of industrial lubricants, we provide a comprehensive strategic supply to numerous key users in the region.

We provide lubricants only from renowned brands, such as Olma, Castrol, Chevron, Q8, Lukoil, Mobil and many more, consistently adhering to the legal requirements and environmental regulations. Our product range of industrial lubricants includes circulation, turbine and hydraulic oils as well as other industry oils. 

The unalloyed and low-alloyed oils are also part of Petrol's product range as well as materials for mechanical and heat treatment of metals, greases, mounting pastes, special Klüber brand lubricants, oils and protection equipment.

Comprehensive offer

Industrial lubricants

We offer hydraulic, turbine, gear reducer and compressor oils, as well as products for mechanical and heat treatment of metals, which include various oils and emulsions for metal processing, oils for quenching, or oils for electro erosion.

Our offer also includes grease and assembly paste, as well as special lubricants, anti-corrosion agents, degreasing and cleaning agents, auxiliary products for heating and cooling systems, auxiliary products for foundries, transformer oils, heat transfer oils, cleaning and protective agents, and other special lubricants for industry.

Base and process oils

We offer a very extensive range of conventional mineral, unconventional synthetic, and biodegradable base oils from different manufacturers, and a range of process oils for various purposes.

Comprehensive PC UM lubrication management

Transition from simple purchase, use and removal of lubricants to a comprehensive service. 

We offer inventory and optimisation of lubrication points, preparation of lubrication plans, systematic monitoring of key parameters of lubricants with laboratory analyses, maintenance of lubrication systems, ecological services, investment in equipment and, of course, the entire lubrication service.

Transparent operation and the largest distribution network

With the largest distribution network in the country and the most reliable logistics, we guarantee the shortest delivery times. Our local sales representative ensures flawless service and provides expert assistance.

We respect the Environment

Lubricants wear out during engine operation and eventually need to be removed. We provide all of our customers with the option to dispose of their used oils, grease and coolants, greased cloths, used oil and air filters and other waste from use of different lubricants with us.

We also provide our customers with cooling lubricants, i.e. emulsions used in metal processing. In this segment, we also take care for the disposal of the used emulsion, cleaning of the processing machines and the emulsion replacement and collection of all waste packaging, both plastic and metal.

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