Energy services

Energy services in numbers


district heating systems operated by Petrol Group at the end of 2018


public lighting concessions are managed and more than 30,000 lights are lit


facilities in the total area of 158.092 m2 were renovated and taken over for management in 2018


tonnes of CO2 - we reduced our emissions by saving energy in the amount that would be absorbed by 143,757 trees in a year


buildings in the total area of 837,694 m2 were the subject of our energy contracting services in 2018


MSPTE (small cogeneration plants) with a total connection capacity of 4.3 MW and an annual production of 26.780 MWh of electricity were managed in 2018

In 2018 we introduced the first Petrol software product TANGO - an open aggregation platform, representing a tool for business analytics (BI) and artificial intelligence. With this tool, we have a significant strategic developmental advantage in the offer of optimisation services in real time in cities, industry, on the road and at home. 

Petrol's comprehensive energy-related turnkey solutions