Energy products

The strategic goal of the Petrol Group is the comprehensive supply of energy products. We strive for a safe, socially and economically acceptable transition to cleaner energy sources. We are trading with oil, natural gas, heat, electricity and biofuels.

The largest segments of sales are still petroleum products (in the year 2017 we sold 3.4 million tonnes - without the sale of liquefied petroleum gas). We provide the uninterrupted supply of motor fuels and other petroleum products; therefore we have the status of an important supplier in the markets where we operate. 40 % of petroleum products were sold in retail and in the wholesale 60 %.

Given the energy and environmental challenges of the future, natural gas is a very suitable energy source for ensuring reliable energy supply, the competitiveness of the economy, low-carbon energy system and sustainable development. The use of natural gas in combination with renewable energy sources (RES) improves air quality (less SOx, NOx and PM10 dust particles) and reduces greenhouse gases (CO2) emissions. By using condensate technology, we increase the efficiency of heating systems, and the use of cogeneration of electricity and heat achieves an above the average efficiency of systems. With the EU Directive 2014/94, natural gas was defined as the energy of the future in transport. In 2017, the Petrol Group sold 1.26 TWh of natural gas.

With the supply of electricity for households and small, medium and large business customers in Petrol, we have consolidated ourselves as an important provider in the territory of Slovenia and the wider region. In the Petrol Group in 2017, we supplied electricity to more than 52 thousand household consumers. In 2017, we sold 1.5 TWh of electricity to end users, which is 1 % more than in 2016. We also started active supply of electricity in the Republic of Serbia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the Petrol Group, in 2017, the production of electricity from wind energy started in the Croatian market, exceeding the planned production. We are also present on the electricity production market in hydro energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where production was in line with plans.

An important segment of Petrol's comprehensive supply of energy products is the supply of heat for heating, which we operate through joint boiler rooms, district heating systems and systems for cogeneration heat and electrical power.

As distributors of fuel, we are obliged to keep relevant records to ensure the proper traceability of purchasing and selling flows with biofuels. The EU Guidelines require the phasing out of biofuels from raw materials that may be earmarked for food (e.g. cereals) and substitution with biofuels produced from waste biomass and in a more sustainable way.

The Petrol Group is also present in the field of energy recovery of waste. In biogas plant Ihan in biogas plant Črnomelj we produce electricity from organic waste. Anaerobic digestion of organic waste creates a biogas that is used by cogeneration engines to generate electricity. In this case, the heat is generated which is used by the sludge dryer from municipal wastewater treatment plants. Sludge from wastewater treatment plants is actually dried and processed into secondary fuel for cement works.