Strategic orientations

We will sustainably provide the excellent energy at home, on the road and in business, with a comprehensive range of solutions.


With a comprehensive offer of solutions, we sustainably ensure excellent energy at home, on the way, and in business. Our deeper sense and promise are to improve the quality of life.


As an important regional provider of comprehensive and sustainable solutions, we connect energy, trade, mobility and progressive services into an excellent user experience. With innovation, digital solutions and partnerships, we develop successful business models.


Respect: We respect fellow humans and the environment.
Trust: We build partnerships with honesty.
Excellence: We want to be the best in everything we do.
Creativity: We create progress with our ideas.
Valour: We work diligently and bravely.

At Petrol we feel special responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, owners and society as a whole. Their expectations are realized with motivated and entrepreneurially oriented employees, we take into account the basic legal and moral rules of Slovenian society and wider European criteria, and we take care of the environment.

Strategic business plan 2018-2022

The strategic business plan of the Petrol Group is a fundamental corporate document in which the business future of Petrol Group is defined with its mission, vision, values, goals and strategy.

At Petrol Group we will sustainably provide the excellent energy at home, on the road and in business, with a comprehensive range of solutions. Through our actions, we demonstrate social responsibility and commitment to sustainable development on a daily basis. The mission, which we express in a short form with the corporate signature Energy for Life, is realized on the basis of our values, core competencies and competitive advantages. Our value proposition or customer benefits are simple, comprehensive, up-to-date, convenient, affordable, fast, reliable, individualized and fair solutions, which are ensured by an active, unified and multi-channel approach to clients, whom we work with comprehensively and with a lifelong approach.

Petrol's vision for 2022 is a commitment to integrate energy, trade, mobility and advanced services into an excellent user experience as an important regional provider of comprehensive and sustainable solutions. With innovativeness, digital solutions, cost-effectiveness and partnerships, we will develop successful business models.

Our business model is based on innovation and cost-effectiveness, and we offer customers simple, comprehensive, modern and reliable solutions. Risk management is embedded in all levels of our operations, thus creating a new value for shareholders and maintaining the investment rating.

Petrol Group operates in the markets of Central and primarily South-Eastern Europe. In addition to many existing large and small companies with innovative business models, new and even global players are entering trade and energy activities in these markets. Globally and locally, we face major social and technological changes, which can be briefly labeled "digital globalization". All this increases the danger and at the same time offers new opportunities.

The basic strategic orientations that Petrol Group will follow until 2022 are:

  • the balance between stable business and development for new challenges (the development of a flexible or agile organization with appropriate risk-adjusted returns, taking into account sustainable development and social responsibility),
  • increasing the value per customer with a comprehensive offer and an excellent user experience (development of existing and new markets and customers with innovative business models; focus on integrated and personalized treatment and excellent customer experience across the entire user path through the implementation of a multi-channel sales and marketing orientation).
  • process efficiency and risk management (dynamic balancing of organization, advanced risk management systems, modern IT and business intelligence, business efficiency in the spirit of a good businessman).

The achievement of the set goals will strengthen the long-term financial stability of Petrol Group. With a stable dividend policy, we will ensure the balance of dividend yields of shareholders and the use of free cash flow for financing the investment plans of Petrol Group. This will ensure the long-term growth and development of Petrol Group, thereby maximizing the value for the owners.