Strategic orientations

We want to become an integrated partner in the energy transition, offering an excellent user experience.


We want to become an integrated partner in the energy transition, offering an excellent user experience.


Respect: We respect fellow human beings and the environment.
Trust: We build partnerships through fairness.
Excellence: We want to be the best at all we do.
Creativity: We use our own ideas to make progress.
Courage: We work with enthusiasm and heart.

At Petrol we feel special responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, owners and society as a whole. Their expectations are realized with motivated and entrepreneurially oriented employees, we take into account the basic legal and moral rules of Slovenian society and wider European criteria, and we take care of the environment.

Strategy of the Petrol Group 2021-2025

The Petrol Group's strategy for the period 2021 – 2025 is an overarching development document defining the path to a successful future based on the Group's vision, goals and strategic business plan.

The environment in which the Petrol Group operates is facing important changes. Energy transition towards a low-carbon society and the development of new technologies are transforming established ways of how energy products are produced, sold and used. Petrol is committed to making a transition to green energy and is making significant investments to achieve it. While co-creating opportunities brought about by the energy transition we will also continue to cater to the needs of the hydrocarbon market.

The new strategy of the Petrol Group defines clear targets for implementing our vision to become an integrated partner in the energy transition, offering an excellent user experience. This helps us focus on our core business, which it to supply energy products, as it is this area where we still see great potential and opportunities in connection with the energy transformation. 

Creating and nurturing relationships with customers is our priority and we will continue to strengthen our sales network in the region as a result. Thanks to new digital channels, a broader range of energy products and personalised offer, we will be even closer to our customers, helping them to make a transition from traditional energy sources to cleaner renewable energy. Our aim is to become a key link in a broader ecosystem by offering energy sources that are adapted to and co-shape the market. For this reason, we will increase operational efficiency to free up additional funds for investments in renewable energy production.

The Petrol Group recognises the importance of sustainable development. The transition to a low-carbon energy company, partnership with employees and the social environment, and the circular economy constitute the Petrol Group's business commitments in this strategic period. As a partner to industry, public sector and households, Petrol is undertaking a leading role in achieving the environmental goals.

Through continuous development of fuels, we will actively contribute to reducing emissions. At the same, we will help to reduce the carbon footprint of both the Petrol Group and our customers by pursuing clear sustainable policies.
Thanks to improved internal processes, new competences and empowered employees, we will be even more proactive in addressing the current and future needs of our customers in the energy industry and adapt our operations to the user, who is at the centre of our attention. We want to become the first choice for shopping on the go.

In this strategic period, we will remain present in all markets, focusing on: 

  • Slovenia, where we will consolidate our position of a leading energy company and partner in the energy transition; 
  • Croatia, where we will use our sales network to expand our portfolio of customers in the field of energy products and energy transition services and invest in renewable electricity production;
  • Serbia, where we will increase our share in the energy product sales market.

We will work to remain the first choice for energy transition projects in the region by offering integrated services with high added value. We will develop and strengthen our presence in the supply and sale of natural gas and electricity, in the sale of liquefied petroleum gas and in energy efficiency projects. Renewable electricity production, where we will position ourselves to become a major supplier in SE Europe, plays a particular role in the energy transition.

The development of new solutions in the field of electric mobility and mobility services constitutes an important pillar of Petrol's sustainable and innovative business. When it comes to mobility, the Petrol Group focuses on two segments. The first segment is linked to the charging infrastructure, which means setting up, managing and maintaining the infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles as well as providing the charging service. The second segment is comprised of mobility services, such as operating leases, fleet electrification and fleet management services. 

By achieving the goals, we will strengthen long-term financial stability of the Petrol Group. Through a stable dividend policy, we will ensure a balanced dividend yield for shareholders and the use of free cash flows to finance the Petrol Group’s investment plans. This will allow for long-term growth and development of the Group, maximising its value for the owners. The dividend policy target for the strategic period 2021 – 2025 is 50 percent of the Group's net profit, taking into account the investment cycle, Group indicators and the achieved objectives.